10 Craziest Gambling Laws in the World

Whether you prefer to gamble online or in person, gambling across the globe includes some of the funniest and strangest laws that baffle the mind. Because gambling, in many instances, is based on the jurisdiction in a particular state, region, or nation, betting rules can vary dramatically. 

Below we will explore outlandish and crazy gambling laws that players might not know to exist. 

From wagering rules like no gambling by locals to time limits on bingo, before you can say B-I-N-G-oh, that’s not allowed, here are the weirdest, funniest, and most outlandish laws.

No Texas Hold’em in Texas

You read that correctly. Texas casinos will not let you bet on poker for money in a Texas casino. What is confusing for players is the game Texas Hold’em gets its name from the “Lone Star State.” While it might sound like a typo or error, the strict gambling law is legit. 

Most of the betting in Texas is from lotteries run by the state, racing events, and some offshore betting. But understand that poker IS quite popular in Texas, albeit you cannot place legal wagers on the popular table game even if you play from home privately. 

Shh! No Library Gambling in the UK 

Not sure if table games got a little too rowdy in Britain, but according to UK gambling laws, players cannot gamble in a library based on 1898’s Library Offenses Act. 

The rule applies to all types of gambling (racing, cards, roulette, slots), but other stipulations are equally outdated.

No Sunday Gambling in Alabama

With Sunday observed as the Sabbath for Christians, the day is set aside for rest. And that means no gambling in Alabama. The law applies to all types of betting, which include charitable raffles, tribal casinos, and in-person casinos. 

While the law might appear strange, Alabama has a large Christian population. Hence, they respect local laws, including the Biblical ones.

No Locals in Casinos in Monte Carlo

Among the strangest gambling laws on record, people that live in Monte Carlo are not allowed in the casinos. A tax haven, the rich and elite flock to Monte Carlo for exclusive table games, shops, and dining access.

Perhaps the local government wanted to attract more high-rollers to the area and thought that the local Monegasques would be a turn-off. Locals can work the tables and work as servers, but they need help to hobnob with the jet-setting crowd. 

Five-Hour Bingo in the Outer Banks

A series of crazy laws from North Carolina involves bingo. There are all kinds of bans and unique rules to adhere to. For example, gameplay should be set apart by 48 hours. 

Another weird one is that non-profits can only set up bingo games two times a week. Additionally, older players might find this next one disappointing. Players can extend their bingo sessions for up to five hours.

Pachinko in Japan

Outside of the US, if you travel to Japan, a crazy Pachinko gambling law exists. While less popular in the States, the game is a cross between pinball and a slot machine. Special halls are available in Japan as locals play the game quite often. With over $18 billion (US) generated from the game in a single year, the locals enjoy it. However, one rule stands out.

Players can enjoy the game but cannot collect money for bets in cash. They have to rely on tokens and exchange them for prizes. While the winning prizes might include toys, houseware items, and appliances, some illegal shops let players cash in their tokens despite strict gambling laws. 

$5 Lawsuits in Kentucky

Hands down, one of the strangest gambling laws is Kentucky’s lawsuit rule in real money casino games for serious players. If a player has losses that total over $5 from a game, they can file a lawsuit to try to recoup their losses. 

The law dates back to the 1800s, and the chances of winning a gambling lawsuit of this kind are slim. While someone who bets a small amount might not want to hire an attorney, if a player wagers and loses thousands of dollars on a game, they might seek legal counsel.


What are the strangest gambling laws in Las Vegas?

You cannot feed the pigeons or pawn your dentures.

What is the weirdest gambling law in South Africa? 

They do not allow bets on greyhounds. 

Can you bet on cockfighting in the Philippines?

Yes! It is a way of life for some people working there.

Been There, Won That

Gambling rules vary around the globe. With strange rules like no cash payouts for Pachinko or 48 hours between bingo games, it might help to check the gambling laws when you travel. However, with so many exciting table games, slots, and specialty games, asking the locals can bring you up to speed (unless you visit Monte Carlo!).