Truckers often spend excessive time in the driving seat, leading to much pain and discomfort. Invariably, it is crucial to have a comfortable and plush seat to prevent drivers from feeling pain, stiffness, and loss of blood circulation in the back, neck, and legs.

Quick and essential additions such as a lumbar driving pillow and extra leg support can help make long drives easy on their bodies. These appendages can unfailingly ensure proper posture and back health in truckers who drive long distances every day.

For beginners just stepping into the exciting trucking world, here are the five crucial tips to make your driving comfortable and your profession more enjoyable.

  • Swap seat bottom

Studies have shown that not all truck companies consider trucker ergonomics while designing driving seats. For instance, some trucks have hard and rough seat bottoms that often lead to severe pain and discomfort. One way to combat this prevalent issue is by switching the driver’s seat bottom with the passenger seat, as most trucks have more comfortable passenger-side seats than the driving ones.

Reliable service providers can customize the seat bottom for a more long-term solution.

  • Ensure your back pockets are empty

Some drivers have the habit of leaving their wallets in the back pocket of their trousers even while driving. This may not be the wisest idea ever as it can lead to discomfort and pain, especially during long-distance driving. Moreover, it will prevent the body weight from evenly distributing over the seat, occasionally leading to painful sores.

Therefore, it is ideal to always drive with empty back pockets for more adjustable, restful, and convenient driving.

  • Use lumbar support

A high-quality lumbar driving pillow can make driving effortless and pain-free in no time, ensuring your back has robust padding during drives. You can pick from scores of options, with the most popular and highly-recommended ones being the following:

  • Memory foam pillows: The astonishing thing about these cushions is that they conform to the shape of your body, making them ultra-comfortable and suitable for all types of driving needs.
  • Gel pillows: Pillows with high-quality gel ensure drivers have a fantastic seating arrangement while keeping things cool during summertime driving.
  • Air seat cushions: These cushions come with a small pump that drivers use to fill them with air and use the seating add-on for a considerably longer time. They offer excellent back support and help contribute to efficient blood circulation.
  • Heating and cooling cushions: Drivers that tend to get sore muscles and joints can opt for these temperature-controlled pillows that ensure their joints receive therapeutic help while on the road.

You can add beaded seat covers to the pillows for additional comfort as they can effectively function as massagers. Have you heard about Donaldson filters?

  • Manage your body weight well

Sitting in the exact same position for a long, continuous driving time without stopping can cause drivers a world of pain. It can lead to painful muscle cramps, joint pains, and overall stiffness in the lower body and back.

So, it is better to shift your bodyweight amid spaced intervals and lean to the left and right sides alternatingly instead of keeping it centralized in a single spot. Also, experts suggest that maintaining the knees level with or slightly lower than the hips is the best sitting position for long-distance truck drivers. However, the ideal position may differ for various drivers, depending on their individual driving styles and body dispositions.

  • Wear suitable clothing  

Professional truck drivers can testify that wearing clothing that tends to be too tight can cause a lot of discomfort and stiffness, adversely affecting driving abilities and range of motion. So, ensure to wear loose-fitting pants that allow you freedom of movement without any restrictions whatsoever.

Similarly, choosing breathable fabrics is critical, too, as it can prevent rashes such as chafing and sores while driving in extreme temperatures.