Wednesday, November 29

6 Bakery Boxes Ideas for Your Bakery Business

The baking industry is one of the most competitive ones when we compare it with other industries like cosmetics or pharmaceuticals. Take a look into your local supermarket and you will realize dozens of similar baked items are available in various stores’ aisles. This staggering and sheer volume of identical products makes it difficult for the bakers to make a name for themselves. But, Custom bakery boxes can serve as a make or break for how they will perform in the competitive market. When designed with a creative mind, they definitely ensure that your product flies off the shelves and appeal to the customers. 

Feature Elements of Architecture:

The architecture of a bakery box should always feature three basic elements, i.e., form, function, and beauty. The prime function of packaging is to protect the packaged products from any sort of damage, so take steps to enhance the functionality. Designing a sturdy structure with thick and solid materials can help you achieve this. The form of a box is related to its shape and size. To keep it up to a standard, make sure you design the box in an appropriate size and convincing shape. To accomplish beauty and appeal with your packaging design, incorporate aesthetically pleasing factors in the design. For instance, colorful patterns, graphical portrayals, etc. By applying these elements of architecture, you will get a design that creates a mesmerizing impact on retail shelves. 

Go for Limited Editions:

Whenever you go for designing custom bakery boxes for your business, remember to add designs for limited editions. Almost all the potential clients you see in the market are fond of products that come in such packages. Visit any retail store during a particular season and you will find out that everything is organized as per the season themes. Take an example of Starbucks that provides coffee in seasonally designed cups and people all around the world love them. Just like that, you also need to design the boxes in a plethora of limited edition designs. 

A clear Brand Purpose:

Whether you are keeping the packaging design generic or going bold with it, make sure to include a clear brand purpose. Without clarity on this aspect, there is no guarantee that people will recognize you. While printing the tagline or slogans of your brand on the printed boxes, ensure that you use legible typography. Adopt a simplistic approach when featuring various color schemes and graphics in the box design. Such an approach will make it easy for the audience to understand what your product is and what it does. 

Call out Product Benefits:

Product detailing is a trend nowadays and rendered a critical step in retaining your existing customer base. Keeping that in mind, add clear and concise information about your products and highlight it boldly. If your product is low-sugar or enriched with healthy nutrients, the design should say so. Likewise, include the critical data regarding the baked items like the number of carbohydrates, protein, and fats they carry. Communicating such unique attributes of baked items through bakery packaging would make your business popular. 

Fun Element:

Asking the wholesale bakery boxes businesses for practical packaging is a good thing. But, adding some fun elements to the design can make it stand out more. If your business is targeted towards children only, the injection of some fun colors in the box design will do the job. If the case is otherwise, you can go for printing some humoristic content on the packages such as a joke. The fun aspect of the design makes it easy for the audience to remember your brand name that grows your status. 

Go Green:

If being eco-friendly is one of your business values, why not ask bakery boxes wholesale business for a sustainable design. This kind of packaging is an exceptional investment for your bakery brand. This way, you will be reducing your carbon footprint while also attracting the people who prefer a green lifestyle. 

Numerous bakery boxes ideas can make your bakery business stand out and make it the go-to choice of customers. Focus on the practicality, aesthetics, or both for giving a reason to the customers to keep investing in your business. 

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