6 Fun-Filled Fall Activities For This Year

Are you feeling inspired and want to make this Fall the best one yet? Each season brings a world of opportunities for growth, connection, and positive change. How we choose to make the most of this time makes all the difference. Here are six fun-filled Fall activities to help you maximize your fun this Fall. 

1. Go To A Pumpkin Patch 

Pick out your Halloween pumpkin as a family! Make sure you head to a pumpkin patch with plenty of other Fall festivities to keep you occupied. Look for farms that do events like haunted hayrides and even offer hot apple cider and crystal wands for sale! 

You might even find fun opportunities to enter raffles to win Fall prizes! See what farms and orchards are open to the public in your area and make your pumpkin-picking day a real treat for everyone. 

2. Build A Scarecrow

Gather up the family and build a scarecrow together! You’ll need straw, hay, and old clothes, or get silly and dress your scarecrow in womens Halloween costumes. Make it an activity for the whole family. Let the little one’s stuff pant legs with leaves and have the older ones help hoist it up for all the crows to see. As a fun family activity and tasteful fall decoration, you can’t go wrong with a scarecrow this Fall.

3. Press Fall Leaves

Go for a walk and collect pretty Fall leaves to press into notebooks. For those with creative and artistic sides, this activity is gratifying. Everyone can choose the places they like best and then place them in the notebook to cherish as a family Fall memory. Feel free to write little notes next to your pressed leaves to remind you of all you did that day as a family. 

4. Go Camping Outdoors

Fall is the perfect time of year for camping. The weather is chilly but not too cold, and you’ll warm up by the fire anyway! Roast marshmallows, make s’mores and tell ghost stories. 

Got a musician in the family? This is the perfect time to take out the guitar and sing some campfire tunes. Teach your kids some basic survival skills, like setting up a tent, finding their way around trails, breathing in the cool, fresh air, and a love for the outdoors during the fall season. 

5. Go Apple Picking

Another fun Fall family activity is to go apple picking! Find an apple farm near you and pick apples to your heart’s desire. Just make sure you plan to eat them all before they go bad! Save some for apple pies and other tasty Fall treats this year. Take photos to commemorate the day and to look back on later. Spending time in nature is spiritually rewarding, and using Fall produce and other season food is a surefire way to keep your immunity up as the seasons change. Let nature do the work and have fun with your family! 

6. Watch Scary Movies

There is no doubt that Fall is a spooky time of year! Make the most of this eerie time of year by watching scary movies that get your imagination going. Show your kids some classic films and if they’re old enough, bring out the big guns with horror flicks! Pop some popcorn in the microwave and get your favorite movie snacks to munch on during the movies you watch. 

The Bottom Line 

Consider the above six Fall activities to do with your family this season. The Fall is about embracing the newness and celebrating what has come to pass. Make the most of this precious time with family activities that are perfect for the Fall season.