6 Perfect Gifts For Coffee Lovers

Looking for the perfect gifts for coffee lovers? Then you have come to the right article.

The perfect gift is something that can solve a problem or has to be something extremely desired by the other person.

In this article, we will give you 6 gift ideas for your coffee snob friend.

The best part is that the gift ideas here fit almost every budget and solve almost any problem a coffee lover may have.

Let’s get into it.

1. AeroPress + Accessories

The AeroPress is a modern coffee maker that doesn’t need any kind of power, it is very portable, is cheap, and provides an excellent cup of coffee every time if used well.

It is a plastic cylinder that works similarly to a syringe. You just need to add water, coffee and press the superior side until you get a delicious cup of coffee.

This device is very durable and comes with several accessories that you can buy together:

  • Infusion chamber: is the container tube where coffee and water are mixed.
  • Plunger: the cylinder with a rubber ring at the end, which fits into the infusion chamber.
  • Filter cap: is the screw-on device that contains the paper filter.
  • Paper filter: circular in shape, adapted in shape and size.
  • Measuring spoon
  • Stirring paddle
  • Funnel

You can find this device for as low as $30. So it is perfect for almost every budget.

Also, you can buy the AeroPress Go. It works exactly like the original AeroPress but it is smaller and more portable.

2. Coffee Cups

Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t like a personalized cup of coffee?

These days you can find coffee cups of all sizes, colors, and shapes.

A customized coffee cup would be a great idea for a coffee snob since you can show them how much you appreciate them.

Maybe you could print a message on a coffee cup, or maybe you could buy a skull-shaped coffee cup. The possibilities are unlimited.

Now, if we are talking about price, fortunately, coffee cups are not that expensive. If you go to online stores you can find really cheap cups for as low as $10.

Another great idea would be to buy a pack of small coffee cups. Because, why not? Maybe the person who will receive the gift has really old coffee cups that need a replacement.

3. Milk Frother

Milk frothers are the must-have tools for every coffee lover.

With a milk frother, you can give the milk a nice texture that you can leverage to create beautiful drinks and coffee art.

You can mostly find three kinds of milk frothers:

  • Manual: A manual frother is similar to a French Press, you just need to move a mesh plunger up and down and in 10 or 20 seconds you will double the size of your milk.
  • Handheld electric: This is an electric device that works with batteries that you can replace or recharge. Just pick up the device and press a button to froth the milk.
  • Automatic: This is a wonderful device that operates automatically without special supervision. Some of them come with batteries and some of them can be connected to a power source.

Of course, the manual version of the milk frother is the cheapest one while the automatic version is the most expensive. But you have to consider its convenience.

Maybe, in the long run, your coffee snob friend will love the automated features of an automatic milk frother.

4. Gourmet Coffee

The first gift for coffee lovers on this list is gourmet coffee.

Gourmet coffee is basically a higher quality product than other types of coffee. In general, this type of coffee is more expensive than normal coffee, which is not ideal for everyday use but only for some occasions.

Each brand of coffee provides a unique flavor and aroma and all coffee snobs (without exception) enjoy exploring new flavors and aromas.

Fortunately, you can find gourmet coffee almost everywhere. And if you have a computer and an internet connection you can visit specialized online stores where you can buy gourmet coffee from all over the world.

Some examples of gourmet coffee brands would be:

  • Bean Box – Gourmet Coffee Sampler
  • Cooper’s Cask Coffee – Whiskey & Rum Barrel-Aged Coffee
  • Cooper’s Cask Coffee – Single Origin Gourmet Coffee
  • Colombia Jo – Organic Ground Colombian Coffee

I am sure that this gift won’t disappoint any coffee lover out there.

5. Coffee Grinder

A coffee grinder is another must-have tool for any coffee lover.

In fact, every respectable coffee lover has a coffee grinder in their kitchen because it is essential for making a customized cup of coffee.

The difference between grinding your own beans at home and buying pre-ground coffee is astronomical and it gets better if you have a good quality coffee grinder.

There are two main types of coffee grinders: Automatic coffee grinders and manual coffee grinders.

As it sounds, the manual version requires human effort to spin a lever, while an automatic coffee grinder does the job for you.

You just need to connect it to a power source and use it (there are also models with batteries).

Furthermore, automatic and manual grinders can be divided into 2 types.

  • Conical coffee grinders: Cheaper and ideal for home or non-professional use.
  • Flat coffee grinders: More expensive than the conical grinders but far more precise, they are ideal for professional coffee shops.

So you can have a flat automatic coffee grinder or a conical manual coffee grinder. It’s about finding your ideal combination.

Manual coffee grinders are pretty cheap, you can find a high-quality one for $20.

On the other hand, if you want a high-quality coffee grinder you would need to spend $100 or more.

Although automatic coffee grinders are really good because of their automation features, I recommend you to check out the manual ones since coffee snobs absolutely love to manual grind their coffee.

6. French Press

A French Press is basically a pot with a plunger that you need to push down with your arm to make coffee.

This device is extremely easy to use and really cheap, also, it is perfect for making coffee in large amounts.

You can use any kind of coffee on it which is very convenient.

This gift is absolutely perfect for those coffee lovers who want to experiment with a unique way of making their daily coffee without any kind of electronic device.

Usually, they are made with glass or plastic which makes them really cheap, you can buy one for as low as $20.

However, not everything is perfect with this coffee maker.

It is more time-consuming than other coffee makers, it is pretty annoying to clean, and sometimes you will get some ground sediments in your coffee (which is perfectly normal when using this coffee maker).

Final Words

I hope this compilation of the perfect gifts for coffee lovers has given you an idea of what to buy for your friends.

Giving gifts is one of the best experiences in the world, but for something to be a good gift it has to have meaning.

If we are talking about coffee lovers, it is of utmost importance to give a gift that is of good quality and that they can use for a long time since they are making cups of coffee at any time of the day.