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6 ways of creating a culture promoting innovation in startups.

Nowadays, in this hustle-full and compact world, and where technology has made a greater impact than ever, innovation is the key factor to shine for startups. The world is constantly in the turn of changing, and the notion of innovation can help the startups showcase their competitive advantage and gain a rise in the market. 

The innovation, though, is not achieved through talented individuals preserving their skills but rather through an environment that nurtures and supports an innovative mindset. Innovation is the product of a team effort. 

Point to be Noted

The most important step in creating a culture of innovation is to build such an environment that motivates members to share their ideas freely. Some junior crew may feel hesitant in putting their ideas forward and this is the reason why a supportive environment is the first step. Everyone in the team has to set aside their pride and build a secure surrounding so that all the members, regardless of their position, can feel belonged, confident, and work as a team. 

6 Ways to promote a culture of innovation


Bringing together the odds and making them work as a team is one of the key steps in bringing innovation. The Managing Director and Cofounder of William Russell insurance company, Ms. Inez Cooper hold the idea that if the team is reorganized frequently and product squads are made from different teams, it encourages the members. A new structure provides members the opportunity to rethink and evaluate their day-to-day activities. The founders of businesses need to work on making indirect connections and make them work together to achieve innovation. 

Promote Experiments

To bring creativity, one should encourage their employees to be experimental. The workplace is an important part of establishing an innovative mindset, says the CEO and co-founder of Rebel Business School, Simon Paine. Business leaders need to be the innovation drivers in their workplace and boost their employees to play around with new ideas and to drive mini-experiments. There should be no fear of backlash, rather the surroundings should motivate them to learn and improve by getting hands-on experiences. Simon Paine adds that businesses should also create a culture of full immersion and no distraction so that work on ideas can be done with focus.

Remote Innovation is the key

As the world shifted to a different paradigm since the pandemic, remote working has become the new norm. Days before the first lockdown in the UK, a matching platform for business, Finder, came out to cater to the need of business partnerships. The platform had to have an innovative culture and it was built remotely by the team. 

The COO of the company, Jenny James shared that the progress of the members is reviewed quarterly and they have set aside time dedicated to capturing innovative ideas. Celebrations are carried out creatively with virtual team-building activities. It strengthens interpersonal relations and motivates the members to work up to their full potential. 

The company provided access to collaborative tools like Google Docs, Zoom, and Slack, working on providing the right structure and prioritizing innovation in different areas. Likewise, internet providers kept organizations and new startups on their feet with the pandemic in full swing. Providers like HughesNet Internet Service did a great service to people who had to relocate or move back home or in rural areas due to job loss and went out to start their businesses online during the pandemic. Not all may have succeeded but it was due to internet service providers and the virtual world staying up that people did not lose all hope. 

Motivate with benefits 

It is said that making everyone work together as a team with spirit, is the true sense of bringing innovation. Working together makes everyone share their experiences as victories and improve productivity in the workplace. The founder of Share Scheme Platform Vestd, Ifty Nasir, emphasizes team effort by getting everyone a piece of the cake (as options or shares). 

He shares that to grow a company to its full potential, a collaborative team effort is a prime feature. Teamwork has a profound psychological effect on all the members. While working together, everyone wants to see the company rising, and thus, everyone puts in their effort which collectively contributes to the bigger whole.

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Engage with clients

Clients are the biggest deal for any company. To build an innovative mindset in your team, engaging with the clients and understanding their challenges is crucial. 

Given Rui Ribeiro, CEO, and co-founder of Jscrambler (a cyber-security startup), your team is here to tackle these challenges in your way, and this is the biggest stimulant of innovation. Honest feedback from them serves as a motivating tool to find the best solutions for them, keeping in mind the rights and wrongs done.

Creativity is a mindset

To establish a creative mindset in the workplace, a leader has to cater to the needs of employees and attend to their support. As the world starts to fit into the new remote work norm, the right care and support to the employees are essential to make them feel belonged and inspire innovation. Attending employee benefits and supporting them is a way to bring innovation and keep them upheld.