A Beginner’s Guide to Cycling Gear

Cycling is an outdoor activity that’s both fun and healthy. It’s popular among people of all ages and it’s a great method of transportation as well. You can enjoy cycling by yourself or as a part of a group. Nowadays, with more bike lanes being installed on roadways worldwide, it’s easier and safer for more people to go bicycling.

If you want to jump in on this trend, you will first need to gear up with the right equipment. And nowadays, the internet and modern technology allow you to make online purchases safely and quickly. A lot of websites contain helpful information on their products, so you can make your ideal choice based on your preferences. 

If you want to get all of your cycling gear from one place, visit a cycling store online. You’ll find a range of different bikes, bike parts, tools, as well as cycling clothes, and other equipment. 

What Are the Essentials of Cycling Gear?


The bicycle itself is the most important piece of equipment that you’ll find in a cycling store online. Bikes have improved in terms of use, dependability, and most importantly, riding enjoyment, during the past decade. Knowing your intended use for a bike is essential before you purchase one. Will you be in the mud or on the road?

Road bikes have drop handlebars, and small tires and they’re more lightweight and efficient. These bikes are designed primarily for speed and are best used on concrete. On the other hand, wide knobby tires on mountain bikes allow riders to manoeuvre through tight mud tracks. Cross-country, hardtail, and full suspension are a few different styles of bikes.

Cycling Clothes

A bike shop also offers a wide range of comfortable and efficient biking clothes. These include a biking shirt and biking shorts. Depending on the weather, you might need to switch up the shorts for cycling pants and add a few more top layers to keep yourself warm.

Compared to conventional clothing, cycling shirts and shorts are lightweight and breathable. The shorts include additional cushioning that keeps you comfortable while spending hours on the saddle of your bike, making them preferable to conventional shorts. Cycling shorts also reduce the discomfort caused by high-frequency vibration.

Bicycle Pump

A bike pump is an essential piece of gear to ensure that your tires are always ready for the trails or the highways. An online bike store offers several kinds of pumps to help you pump your tires. 

Track pumps are among the most common types of pumps. They’re well-known for their large capacity and ease of use. In case you need to inflate your tire mid-ride, you should carry a little portable pump in your pocket. If you want to be safer, consider having both of these alternatives available when you embark on your trip.

Bike Lock

if you ride your bike to work, other social gatherings, or other public locations, you should also get a bike lock. No matter where you travel, it’s never a smart idea to leave your bike unattended in a public space. An online bicycle store offers chain locks, ID locks, and cable locks.


Bikers are often at risk of getting into an accident, especially in urban areas. Wearing a helmet helps to protect your head from serious injuries in case of an accident. Countless studies show that helmets significantly improve the rider’s safety in crashes involving motor vehicles, so don’t hesitate to put one on before getting on your bike!


Cycling gloves are crucial for a great ride, regardless of the kind of bike trip you may be on. The finest cycling gloves will aid in maintaining your grip, ease discomfort, and help you apply less force to your joints. Bike gloves are necessary if you are a dedicated rider. You need a pair of cycling gloves that are not only light and breathable but also constructed of a material that absorbs sweat and water.

A cycling store will offer MTB gloves, as well as road bike gloves. Mountain bike gloves are made to provide protection and a better grip. All of them have cushioned palms that are covered in anti-slip material for better grip on the handlebar. However, road bike gloves aren’t particularly made for grip; instead, they only reduce the pain caused by the bike’s vibrations.


Different outdoor activities require different types of shoes. If you’re getting serious about cycling, you’ll need to get special cycling shoes. 

While skateboard shoes have more flexible soles, cycling shoes include stiffer soles along with clips or cleats that fit snugly over the bike pedals. Cycling shoes help you keep the foot stiff, and direct your force into the pedal stroke without any energy being wasted through the feet. Like a ski boot locking onto a ski, your shoes will snap into your pedals. Road cycling footwear is quite stiff and often has two to four cleats.

To increase your speed, they’re as light as possible and built of materials like carbon fibre. Mountain bike shoes have two-hole cleats and are slightly bulkier and heavier. They’re more comfortable to walk in and are often composed of sturdy metal.

First Aid Kit

It’s a good idea to bring a little first aid kit with you on your bike trip. Cycling will always carry some danger, especially if you’re out on rocky or remote terrain where emergency services are difficult to reach. An online bike store offers several kits that are so lightweight and compact that you won’t even notice they’re there. Bandages, safety pins, compresses, blister plasters, and small tweezers are common first aid supplies available in these kits.

If you’re looking for a new outdoor hobby or a fun and eco-friendly means of transport, browse through the wide range of cycling gear that an online cycling store Australia has to offer!