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Amazing Charts EMR: A Solution to Boost Patient Satisfaction

Running a practice is not that difficult but running a practice efficiently by considering patients’ needs and requirements is quite tricky. It is something you can’t do by yourself. That’s where EHR service providers come into play. But not all vendors are driven by a patient-centric approach.  

Fortunately, we found one for you that makes patient satisfaction and patient engagement its priority. For ensuring that we are not making it up, we have shared the details of its patient-focused features. Of course, this solution covers physician-related aspects too. With that said, let’s jump into the detailed overview of its outstanding features.  

Amazing Charts For Patient Satisfaction 

Patients nowadays like to get proper treatment from the convenience of their homes, and that’s what they look forward to while looking for a medical physician. Amazing Charts understand what patients demand from healthcare providers and thus ensures the right features that can help you retain potential patients. Here is what it offers for patient satisfaction and engagement.  

Increased Patient Interaction 

You need fine-grade technology to give patients the care they deserve, but you can’t just purchase different tools for that. Amazing Charts EMR comes with a plethora of features to help you interact with patients more effectively. It works by enabling you to spend less time glued to computer screens and quality time with your patients. 

For documentation processes during appointments, the software offers a speech recognition tool that removes the need for manual typing from the ground up. This will help you deliver better care with accurate diagnosis and treatment by solely focusing on patients’ conditions. For a detailed overlook, you will have clinical summaries in front of you during the treatment process.  

Simply put, the cutting-edge technology of this electronic health records software will enable you to go paperless. This way, you can engage with your patients in a more appropriate way during visits. Moreover, you can enhance your relationship with patients through virtual interactions by communicating via the patient portal.  

Patient Portal with Two-fold Initiative 

The patient portal plays a critical role in enhancing clinical efficiency, and you can use it as leverage to boost your patient’s confidence and trust in your practice. The reliable patient portal of this EMR software can help you accomplish the goal of establishing strong bonds with all clients. This valuable service will make everything much easier for you to handle. 

You can use it for charting, too, by having all patient-relevant data at your disposal, from progress notes to medication dosage that will save you from re-documentation. Also, through this robust portal, sharing data will not be a tiring task. All you need is to upload data from your end and make sure to share log-in credentials with your patients.  

We analyzed Amazing Charts Reviews for understanding patients’ perspectives. This feature gives them absolute transparency into their treatment progress. It is the confidence-building point, and it engages them to play a part in care management actively. They can see all their health records, including labs and imaging reports, get automated reminders, and access patient-intensive educational resources. 

These two aspects cover the whole area of patient satisfaction; there’s nothing more a patient can demand than seamless data accessibility and absolute attention from their physicians.  

Amazing Charts for Streamlining Clinical Workflow 

What about the practitioner’s needs? It might cross your mind if this comprehensive solution caters to the needs of physicians and healthcare faculties. The answer is yes, it does. Let’s see how it can help you with your clinical operations. 

Flexible E-prescribing  

Managing prescriptions manually is a risky task as it involves human eye errors, and sometimes there can be medication dosage errors that harm patient health and experience. To avoid such mistakes, Amazing Charts EMR provides a flexible built-in e-prescription tool to all its users. With this tool, you can obtain better outcomes by ensuring optimal care delivery. 

Besides filling prescriptions automatically, you can share them directly with your patient’s preferred pharmacies. There is also an automatic re-fill feature, so you won’t have to go through the trouble to re-write the same prescriptions again and again. This powerful tool makes the software a cost-effective and time-saving option for your medical practice.  

Data-intensive Patient Charts 

If you look into Amazing Charts reviews, you will come to know that users like this software for its customizable charting functionality. It removes the need for re-documentation altogether that will save precious time of yours. It does so by integrating charts with EHR service so you will have all patient information readily available at a single click. 

This effective service converts patient records, including clinical summaries, referrals, lab findings, and many more, into a simplified chart form. You can resort to these charts for quickly going through patients’ past encounters. By having all data at your fingertips, you will become able to devote your complete attention to patients’ queries and conditions.  

Practice Management Module 

Besides this, Amazing Charts integrates its EMR solution with a robust practice management tool known as CareTracker to help you carry out administrative tasks conveniently. In addition, this module comes with an effective clearinghouse and keeps tabs on patients’ due payments. 

You don’t have to work yourself out for claims management anymore. This intuitive solution identifies errors in coding and filter claims to submit eligible claims only. It also validates claim eligibility and runs checks to locate unpaid claims. Simply put, it reduces denial and improves reimbursements.  

Should You Implement This Solution? 

This FindEMR article covers all aspects of Amazing Charts EMR. We can’t say for sure if this solution is an ideal choice for you or not, but we can help you decide. You should check if it suits you by comparing your practice’s requirements with the features mentioned above.  

This software will automate all your administrative tasks for an improved patient care experience. By digitizing documentation processes and constant data visibility, this EMR software will boost patient satisfaction. You can also check out its reviews to learn how it worked out fr others.  

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