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Arbitrator uber 1.1m san franciscochronicle

  • PublishedDecember 23, 2022

An arbitrator classified 2016 Uber drivers in San Francisco as employees. This allowed them to receive benefits like minimum wage and workers’ comp. Uber appealed the decision. California passed a new law in 2018 that classified Uber drivers as independent contractors. They are not eligible to the same benefits that employees. arbitrator uber 1.11m san franciscochronicle

Uber drivers in San Francisco filed a class-action lawsuit against Uber for misclassifying them to be independent contractors instead of employees. In 2019, an arbitrator ruled that Uber should pay the drivers 1.1 million dollars. This ruling could be a precedent for companies that hire independent contractors. Arbitrator uber 1.1m San Franciscochronicle

Lyft and Uber have been at odds for years. Uber has been accused using dynamic pricing which allows it to charge more for rides when there is high demand. Lyft has been accused of price gouging. An arbitrator sided with Uber and ordered Lyft pay damages of 1.1 million dollars.

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