Benefits of Using Hand-Tied Hair Extensions from Salon Pros

Hair extensions help add length, volume, or color to your hair. They can be made out of synthetic materials or human hair.

According to reports, the artificial hair segment accounted for a more extensive market share in 2020 than the human hair segment.

Knowing the difference between the types of extensions is important because they vary in price. Human hair extensions are expensive initially but will last much longer than synthetic strands. Hand tied extensions are unique because they can help grow your hair.

What Are Hand-Tied Hair Extensions?

Hand-tied extensions are also known as fusion or micro-bonded extensions. They are rooted at the scalp, making them look like your natural hair growth. Attaching the strands is more complex, but they can stay in for months and not damage the hair.

The Benefits of Using Hand-tied Hair Extensions

Several benefits come with using such extensions. Some of them are explained below:

a) They Provide Scalp Coverage

The strands are directly attached to the scalp and do not cause any damage. These extensions can also help give your hair a boost by providing coverage to the thinning areas on your head, making it look voluminous and thick once again.

b) Longer Lasting Than Other Types of Extensions   

These strands last a long time compared to other types of extensions. They can easily last for a few months and give you a boost in length and volume when needed.

c) They Are Natural Looking

The strands are attached to your scalp with micro-links, making them look like part of your natural hair growth. To help make sure the clips remain hidden, have your stylist use a color that matches the shade of your hair.

d) Boost Your Self-Confidence

Having a few extensions added to your natural locks can give you a boost in self-confidence. It is especially true if you have thinning areas on your head or patchy hair from previous coloring jobs. The extensions blend seamlessly into your natural locks, giving you the appearance of long, thick hair.

e) Get A Completely New Hairstyle

You can try out completely new styles with these extensions. They are available in different lengths and shades to suit your preference. Using this type of hair extension means no more bad hair days! You can style in a ponytail or down without worrying about how it looks.

f) Use As Many Strands As You Want

Unlike other types of extensions, you can use as many strands as you want when adding them to your head. Having more strands means you will have thicker, longer locks that are much fuller because they are all connected to your scalp. You can also try different colors to change up your look completely.

g) Save Money Since They Are Durable   

These strands are more durable than other hair extensions. It means you do not have to get more of them added every few months because they will last a long time without any touch-ups. Plus, because there are no bonds or clips, you do not have to worry about damaging your hair. You can shampoo and condition them like your natural locks.

h) They Work Well With All Hair Types   

The strands work well with all hair types, including thin, thick, curly, straight, long, short, colored, or natural locks. They do not cause any damage when they are applied to the hair, so you can choose to get extensions even if your natural hair is healthy.

i) They Have More Natural Movement   

Since they are connected to the scalp, these strands have more movement than regular extensions. They also bounce back after washing them, curl them, or let them dry naturally.

j) Look Good With All Styles   

These extensions look good with all styles, including short, long, curly, straight locks, or updos. You can even try different colors to suit your preference and change up your style entirely, so you always look good no matter what you are doing.

k) They Are Lightweight   

The strands are lightweight, making them comfortable to wear. They also do not pull on your natural hair or cause discomfort throughout the day.

l) No Damage To Natural Hair

These extensions are applied without causing any damage to your natural locks. The strands stay securely attached for a long time, and there is no need to purchase new ones frequently. You can style them, curl them, or straighten them just like your natural hair. 

m) They Are Affordable

These strands are more affordable than other types of extensions on the market right now. 

Final Thoughts

Hand-tied hair extensions are an excellent option for individuals who want to add volume and length to their natural hair. They are available in different shades, sizes, and styles to suit your individual preference. Plus, the strands are lightweight, do not pull on the scalp or cause discomfort, and look natural.