Saturday, November 26

Berlin Apartment Designs That You Can Adopt For Your Own Home

It might look easy on pictures but there are a lot of steps and thoughts that go into making a space work. Are you on the hunt for inspiring design ideas for your home?

In this article, we explore 7 Berlin apartment designs that you can adopt for your home, no matter the size or layout you’re working with. Let’s dive in!

Choose the right artwork

A wall art piece, picture or painting hanging correctly can make a significant difference in a room. Get a one-of-a-kind portrait or painting and hang it on your favorite wall.

A general rule of thumb is to hang the painting or picture at human scale eye level. This is approximately 150 cm from the floor. You can also get inspiration on how to do it from several furnished properties throughout the city.

If you’re on a tight budget and cannot afford a unique painting, get a print out of your preferred monument or building. It’s affordable but works perfectly.

If you’re going for a gallery wall, hang the main picture at eye-level and arrange the others in relation to it.

Use multipurpose furniture

You can never go wrong with double-duty furniture. Choose furniture that does multiple tasks to give you tranquility of mind and help you save on space.

There are numerous options available that can be used as multi-purpose furniture. For instance, invest in a sofa bed; it will serve as a statement piece for your home and transform into a comfy bed when you have guests over.

Stairs and beds with built-in storage can be a lifesaver. They allow you to store tons of stuff without the room looking unorganized or tacky. Besides, you avoid the extra expense of building storage units.

You can also use bookshelves as room dividers and dressers as nightstands or lamp tables.

Add mirrors

A mirror that is strategically placed can make your home feel lighter and larger and help add depth and light to a room.

Buy a simple mirror, not too ornate or heavy but ensure that it is big enough for the room to handle. It creates an illusion of a larger and brighter room.

Mirrors, tiles, and glass are a great investment because they are practical in all kinds of homes. They reflect the light and the space in the room making it feel bigger and more soothing.

Do not over clutter your hero piece or hang it high on the wall, instead place it around the center of the room. You’ll notice how instantly the floor space feels brighter and more open.

Dress your windows

Curtains can create a homey feeling and add life to your home. However, to bring out the best effect, ensure that the curtains puddle elegantly or ‘kiss’ the floor.

Create the illusion of continuity and extra length by hanging your curtains and drapes higher and wider than the dimensions of your windows. The total width of your drapery panels should be twice the width of your window. If your home has extra-wide windows, consider double-width fabrics.

A general principle is to go for floor to ceiling curtains. Visually, they allow your eyes to flow from the ceiling to the floor, instead of stopping abruptly where the curtain starts and ends. However, if long drapes and curtains do not fit your home, go for blinds and sheers to give your windows a relaxed and elegant dressing.

Mix up shapes

Usually, most living rooms have lots of squares and rectangles because of the simple nature of the large furniture items like shelving units, sofas, and sideboards. To help break the monotony of the many lines and right angles, you can add other shapes like circles and ovals.

A round mirror, a round coffee table, an oval side table, a round wall hanging, and an oval rug_ the possibilities are endless. If your living room has too many rectangles and squares, think about adding a round shape to break up the lines and angles.

Build a loft

A loft is a space or room directly below the roof of a house that can be used for storage or accommodation.

If your home has a high ceiling, think about building a loft. It has numerous advantages and building it is relatively cheap. Besides, it is the perfect alternative for a bedroom and provides a beautiful view of your home.

Use bookshelves as dividers and to add color

If you want to avoid the extra cost of building walls to create divisions in your home, you can use bookshelves as dividers. Place them strategically in such a way that they create an illusion of a different room.

Book collections, house plants and décor pieces on the shelves add colors to your home. It is a great way to define your space and embrace indoor greenery.


Before designing your home, take a step back and visualize each room from a distance. It’s easier to see what each room needs and what should be added or removed.

Bring out the artist in you by making the most of your space with the above design ideas.