Best Tips to Boost Engagement with Instagram Video

With over 2 billion active users and billions of photos and videos uploaded every second, Instagram makes an outstanding visual platform for business owners and marketers.

While there are several ways you can use Instagram for your digital marketing, one of the most effective strategies to engage your target audience on this social network is to leverage the popularity and power of video content.

With the growing range of Instagram Video Editor tools, creating exceptional, high-quality content is within the reach of most people. Just a few hours of effort to get the hang of a tool, and you’ll be good to go, churning out videos that can captivate audiences.

Recent studies have revealed that videos get several times higher engagement than pictures on Instagram. However, not every video posted on the platform captures attention and builds connection. Let us discuss a few tips and tricks you can follow to use Instagram videos to boost engagement rates.

Stay Authentic

The first tip you should follow while creating Instagram videos is to always be original. Videos that mimic other content might get some views but not make the impact you are looking for.

You can take inspiration from the most trending videos on the platform and come up with something authentic and unique.

Also, focus on the message you are trying to convey through the video. Make sure you avoid any misleading and false information.

Select Trending Topics

While you are completely free to choose the topic for your video, you should be mindful about the selection to make sure your followers like what you are sharing. The best bet is to make videos on trending topics.

Look at the Google Trends and Instagram hashtags to get the hottest topic ideas. Use analytics to understand what your followers like the most and make video content on the most relevant topic to ensure that they like it and engage better.

Pay Attention To Instagram Video Specifications

Instagram has its own recommended specifications for video content that you should follow for optimum user experience. Firstly, ensure that you upload the content in MP4 format with a minimum resolution of 720 pixels.

The ideal video length should be anywhere from 60 seconds to 1 hour. Also, keep your video crisp and concise, the intro short, and quickly get to the point. For vertical videos, use the 9:16 format; 16:9 is suitable for horizontal videos.

Add Title, Description & Hashtags

One of the best ways to increase video engagement on Instagram is to use an interesting title and description along with relevant hashtags. Add an 18-20 characters title that best matches your content.

Your description should give the viewer an idea of what they can expect from the video and give a reason to start watching. Relevant and specific hashtags help you bring your video across a wider audience on the platform. Consider adding the hashtags to the comment section to see a boost in traffic.

Create Relevant Thumbnails

Your thumbnail is what the users see before playing the video and often decides whether your video is watched. Take time to create a stunning thumbnail beforehand. Make sure it is captivating and relevant and features good colors and lighting.

You can pick the best frame from the video for the cover. However, a frame that gives the initial view of the video keeps it natural.

Add A Preview Or Teaser

When you upload a video to Instagram, you get an option to share a preview. Upon selecting this option, a 60-second preview is added to your post that users see on their feed without playing the video.

This is a great way to encourage more people to watch your video instead of scrolling past it. It is a small yet effective Instagram feature that holds great potential to boost views, reach, and engagement.

Create A Series of Videos

One of the most creative ways to boost engagement on Instagram is to create a series of videos on a topic. Sharing something interesting and captivating sparks the curiosity in users and gets them waiting for more.

Look for some intriguing content ideas and create high-quality videos to get the audience hooked throughout the series. However, make sure you follow a consistent style and strategy for all the videos in the series.

An effective way to post consistently on Instagram is to create a series where you share a specific type of video on specific weekdays like #WellnessWednesday or #MondayMotivation. You can share tips, quotes, and facts on your subject of expertise on the same day every week to engage your audience in a meaningful way without much effort.

Add Subtitles To Your Instagram Video

People generally scroll through their Instagram feeds while traveling or sitting in some waiting area. They will avoid watching videos if they don’t have headphones. Adding subtitles to your video helps you appeal to these users, allowing them to watch your content without playing the audio.

Subtitles ensure the audience can follow along even if they mute the sound. Subtitles also help break the language barrier, expanding your video’s reach further and increasing engagement on the platform.

Promote Your Videos At Other Places

To see your engagement rates growing with Instagram videos, consider promoting them on other platforms by sharing snippets on Facebook and other networks. This will drive traffic to your Instagram page from other sources, expanding your reach and exposure.

You can share a preview in your feed to keep the video fresh and appealing. You might also want to share the video in stories and through direct messages with your friends.

Leverage The Power of Instagram Ads

While you can always increase your organic traffic through videos, pushing your content with some spending helps reach a wider audience on the platform.

Instagram ads provide an excellent opportunity to stand out and catch attention as the feed becomes more and more competitive.

You can choose to promote your video for engagement on the platform and see it reaching and engaging wider audiences.

Final Thoughts

Instagram marketing is all about keeping your viewers engaged to see long-term success. Instagram videos are your best friends in this regard as they help your brand stand out on the platform and connect with followers.

We hope these tips make it easy to maximize the potential of Instagram videos. By posting consistently and learning from mistakes, you can eventually manage to draw bigger audiences.