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Best Way to Use Sample Papers for Board Exams

Sample papers are considered as one of the important resources for board exam preparation. In fact, the preparation is not complete until students practice some set of sample question papers. Almost all the students who appear for the board exams solve the sample papers. 

After making all these efforts, they end up scoring average marks. Only a few of them were able to score high marks. This is because they solve the CBSE Sample Question Paper randomly without giving them much importance. Using the sample paper in a better way to get the best result is a technique, and everyone does not know it. So, here we have provided some tips to use the sample papers for board exam preparation. Students must go through and also implement it to score high marks in the exams. 

Best Way to Solve the Sample Papers

There are various ways of solving the sample papers. Below we have provided the best technique to solve the sample papers, which will help students to make most of them. 

1) Start with the Sample Papers After Completing the Entire Syllabus

Students should take up the sample papers only when they are done with the syllabus. Just randomly solving the sample papers without completing the syllabus will not give any fruitful results to students. It will be better for students if they have done revision as well. 

2) Create an Exam Like Environment

It is crucial that students have exam-like scenarios while solving the sample papers, and It will give them a feel of the actual exam. By this way, they get the actual exam experience prior to the board exams. Also, it will help to handle the pressure of the board exams by getting rid of exam fear.  

3) Stick to the Timing

While solving the sample papers, students must make sure that they stick to the timing. They should solve the sample papers in the allocation time duration as mentioned in it. This will help students to manage time during the exams. Also, students get to know whether they are able to complete the entire paper on time or they need to work on improving their timing. The same thing students should follow when they are practising the CBSE Previous Year Question Papers. This will fulfil their purpose of solving the mock papers or previous year papers. 

4) Be Honest to Yourself

While solving the mock paper, sample papers or previous year papers, students must remember one thing. They have to be honest to themselves. They are not allowed to look at the answers while solving the paper. Once they have completed the paper, then they can see the answer to check how much they have answered correctly. So, cheating is not allowed while solving the papers. 

5) Self Assess Your Performance

Self-assessment is one of the crucial parts of exam preparation. So, after solving every paper, students must evaluate their answer sheet. They must go through the entire answer sheet and find out where they have made mistakes, which questions they couldn’t solve and what all problems they faced while attempting the question paper. This will help in understanding their weak areas and thus help in improving their performance. 


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