Wednesday, November 29

Business On the Go: Everything You Need to Start a Mobile Business

Mobile businesses are popping up all around the country as it is usually cheaper to operate than investing in a brick-and-mortar business. Whether it’s a food truck, cleaning venture, or freelance consulting, you need on-the-go business solutions that will make your new mobile business easier and more convenient to operate.  

Administrative tasks

Here are some administrative tasks to complete before purchasing physical equipment for your business. 

  • Write your business plan. 
  • Get enough funding to start your business. 
  • Hire employees. 
  • Make business cards. 

Get online with a 4G gateway router

Investing in a 4G gateway router will allow your mobile business to stay connected to the Internet without wires. Being on the go, you will not be able to plug into an electrical outlet, so you need a means of connecting to the Internet. Conduct your sales transactions, take phone calls from clients, and update your social media pages thanks to a 4G gateway router. 

Social media handles

Speaking of social media, you should have at least two to three business accounts on separate social media platforms to promote your business to a larger audience. Familiarize yourself with Facebook Business Suite to effectively make new ad campaigns and update older ones. Schedule your Facebook posts to stay organized and take advantage of the exact times that the bulk of your followers is scrolling online. 

Utilize the most popular hashtags in your niche to attract new customers, whether you are on Facebook, Instagram, or another social media handle. Doing so will enhance the outreach your post has on the platform. 

Interact with current followers that comment on your post within 12 to 24 hours. More interactions lead to higher trust and a higher likelihood of making a future sale. 

A business vehicle

If you are running a consulting business that only requires a laptop and meeting with the client, you should have a separate car on your insurance for visiting your clients. If you are starting a food truck or mobile cleaning business, you will need a different vehicle that can hold all your supplies to service your clients on the go. 

Depending on the type of vehicle you need, you could be spending anywhere between $15,000 to $40,000 or higher. You want to get as new of a vehicle as possible, so there is less that you have to fix up in the long run. 

Putting a business logo on your vehicle will cost you extra, which is essential for people to learn about your business while driving on the road. That way, potential clients can easily Google your business if they are interested in learning more. 

Google profile

Ensure your general location, business name, and phone number are on a Google profile. When people want to learn about a new business, they will take to Google first because it is the top search engine on the Internet. 

Of all the Internet search queries, 81% are from a desktop, and 94% are on a mobile device. While you may not have a specific address, get into a local co-working space that allows you to use their address so it looks more professional on your Google profile. 

Before you go

Peruse some tips for entrepreneurial success to motivate yourself to get started. Taking at least one step forward will be all the momentum you need to keep going.