Check Out These Top 5 Delta 8 Disposable Vape Pens of 2022

Delta 8 disposable vapes have gained popularity with high ratings and positive user reviews. And with so many brands to choose from nowadays, you must wonder which is the right choice for you. So if you want to start using Delta 8 for medical or recreational purposes, we’ve got you covered. We have compiled all the leading brands that manufacture Delta 8 disposable for you to select.

A Quick Intro of Delta 8 Disposables

Delta 8 disposables are vaping equipment with Delta 8 THC in them. Delta 8 THC is a type of THC that has all the benefits of THC. However, Delta 8 is milder than its sister, Delta 9 THC.

Disposables are vaping equipment intended for limited use. So they cannot get refilled with e-liquid. You can use a Delta 8 disposable till the liquid runs out and throws it away.

The Delta 8 disposables have garnered much attention from users for convenience and affordability. They are the most affordable vaping equipment now; people love them. Plus, they give the same effects as refillable vaping equipment.

What Are the Leading Brands of 2022?

Since Delta 8 and cannabis products, in general, are newer to the market, the number of established brands is still limited. And especially if you’re using Delta 8 for the first time, you might not know which brand and product to start.

However, some brands have established themselves in a couple of years of being in the industry. Their products are high quality and user-approved, so they are ideal. These brands are perfect since you can ensure that you’re buying quality products. So let us consider the list of the best rated and highest quality brands that manufacture Delta 8 disposables:

Hollyweed CBD

Hollyweed CBD is an ideal brand to start using because it specializes in all cannabis-related products. Their products have intricate designs and receive third-party testing, making them safe and effective.

The best thing about their products, according to users, is how customer-centric their development process is. Their goals for wholesome experiences have been helpful to many users who find their products very potent.

Like other brands on this list, they give third-party testing, discounts, and free shipping on their products. Their vape pens are also the easiest ones, so they are probably the best vape pens for first-time users.


  • Third-party testing of products
  • Variety of flavors and strains
  • Affordable rates of disposables
  • 30-days refund guarantee
  • Easiest disposable design; user friendly

Diamond CBD

Another big name, more in the CBD industry, Diamond CBD, is a leading producer of cannabis products. Their products have attracted loyal customers who appreciate the high-quality products.

Diamond CBD might not lead in flavors, but they have the best range of strains for varied purposes. Their strains and information about them help users choose the right products for their purpose.

Plus, their website always boasts sales, and you can even avail of the first purchase discount on your items. And their products, though high-quality, are affordable in the first place. They are perfect for people who don’t prefer fancy flavors but like quality products.


  • Some of the most affordable products
  • Wide range of strains and potencies
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Discounts on purchases
  • Strains labeled by usages

Exhale Wellness

Perhaps the brand with the most popular and user ratings, Exhale Wellness, is a reputed brand in the market. It has made its name through its wide array of naturally sourced cannabis products.

Users say that their products are high-quality and have high potency and effectiveness. The number of positive user reviews for Exhale Wellness has been overwhelming for a brand in business for a few years.

Hence, Exhale Wellness is perfect since it is a user favorite and has numerous advantages. As a bonus, the manufacturers have moderately priced their products if you look at their product quality.


  • Perfect product potency
  • Naturally sourced
  • High praise from users
  • Variety of flavors and strains.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


Another leading brand in cannabis products manufacturing, Budpop is a well-known name amongst long-time users. Their strong belief in using the best quality ingredients makes their products desirable.

Many users notice that even though they manufacture disposables, they do not compromise on product quality whatsoever. Budpop is not as well known yet because it is relatively newer, but it is catching up to top brands.

The potency of their Delta 8 vape products is high, which the customers love. Additionally, you can find lots of discounts and sales on their website at all times, so you get to spend lesser.


  • Free shipping on products
  • Third-party testing for quality
  • Natural and vegan-friendly ingredients
  • Highly concentrated products
  • The efficient formula at reasonable prices


Another customer favorite, 3Chi, is perhaps one of the first brands to produce Delta 8 products in the market. When the initial stages of Delta 8 products started, 3Chi launched their products and still manufacture varieties.

Since the brand is old, they have that many positive reviews too. Their reviews are a result of time and their impeccable product quality. Their products made in the States have the best composition.

They also boast a large variety of products and strains for Delta 8. They are the perfect brand for beginners since they manufacture classic but high-quality products. Also, their prices are surprisingly low for such high-quality products.


  • Best customer reviews
  • A large variety of products
  • All-organic ingredients only
  • High-quality and tested products
  • Most reasonably priced products 


New users testing out Delta 8 often find themselves torn while choosing their preferred products. Since the products are relatively new to the market- users are not as familiar with which ones are the best. With the help of our article, you can see the trending and top brands dominating the market in 2022. You can choose a brand from our above list to begin using Delta 8 disposables.