Thursday, November 30

Copium is a common term in Twitch chats and Reddit.

What is Copium?

Copium is a common term in Twitch chats and Reddit. Copium comes from Copius , which is Latin for abundant. Copium was originally Copial, which came from the Copial-onslaught of April 2017. The word Copia also has ties to Apple Inc. Copia was used as a slogan for iPhone pre-orders and can be found on copious quantities of Apple products such as the iPod Classic and the iMac G3 (copiously colored).

The logo for Copium is composed of an apple with a bite taken out, flanked by C’s, forming an infinity symbol. This references how Copia will live on forever, just like Apple’s infinite icons that you see every day when using any Apple product. Copium’s image can be found here Copia’s image can be found here Copium’s official website is Copia. Community Copium’s most active site is Copia .xyz, but it is unofficial (and won’t be used by Copiosis).

Copiosis has not yet chosen any voting sites/sites to keep track of votes. So Copia will remain an open-source network that anyone with the knowledge to create a voting site can make one that counts towards the final tally. Unfortunately, this means there could be fake voting sites produced by our competitors and vote manipulators who try to change votes within the community. In addition to this, Copial coin cannot be mined because it isn’t a cryptocurrency, and Copia will remain Copial until Copiosis is complete. So Copia, as it stands today, cannot be mined and was created only to be used for Copiosis.

What is the Meaning of Copium in Twitch Chat?

Copium is an emblem used by Twitch streamers, Copium references the symbol of Twitch. Copium is a common term in Twitch chats and Reddit. Copium’s price started to fall after it got popularized throughout streams on Twitch. Copium may have achieved its popularity today because Copium became more valuable once Copium lost its “rare software” status, which caused Copium to become difficult for users to acquire.

Before now, Copium had no real value as Copium was considered rare soft software before May 2017; however, now Copium has been delisted from and is dropping in value as Copia becomes harder to find within loot crates such as those offered through and others. Copium is only available through the Purchase of loot crates, Copium can also be acquired through giveaways or by trading Copium with other users.

Copium’s value has been trending downwards recently. Copia became popularized in Twitch chats when Copia started to lose its “rare software” status making Copia difficult for users to acquire. The last known price of Copium is 0.00045 USD per Copium at the moment of writing this article, which is a decrease in value from when Copia achieved a high Peak in value on June 15th 2017 when Copian was valued at a high point of 2,929 USD per copian according to coinmarketcap.

Why is it Popular on Twitch Chat?

Copium is a common term used in Twitch chats. Copium derives from Copia, which means “plenty” or “abundance.” Copium is seen as the anti-Kappa, but it’s Copia instead of Kappa. Copium can be found on Reddit and used in all caps for comedic value. Copia also has some use outside of Copium.

What does Copium mean?

Copium is often referred to by its full name when someone says something positive about Donald Trump or right leanings like Ben Shapiro. Kappa is typically displayed when bad things happen to liberals, such as Hillary Clinton losing the presidential election. This leads followers to say Copia instead of Kappa, making it Copium! Furthermore, Copia has its meaning outside Corium. Copia is used to describe people who are too sensitive about the outcome of hot-button issues or politics in general. Copia can also be used to express one’s anger over overly politically correct individuals trying to control the speech of others. Copium has also been known to appear on Twitch when someone says something that sounds like Copia but is saying Copacetic, which means everything is alright or satisfactory.