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  • PublishedJanuary 5, 2023

Cresta ai founded with one goal in mind: To help salespeople sell more products. The company has a $27m base capital and plans to expand its global reach with new models. Their slogan is “Salespeople must be more efficient.”

Sequoia Capital

Sequoia Capital invested in the AI series companies and is happy with the results. The competition is fierce. Uniphore raised $140 million, for instance. Cresta faces a difficult road ahead. Cresta faces a lot of competition and can make mistakes that could cost it its goals.

The company provides services that transform people into customer service representatives who provide real-time customer assistance. The company expected to close its Series B funding in 2021. The company has already raised $50 Million in Series A funding and an additional $50 Million in Series B funding.

Sequoia Capital led the funding round, as well as Greylock Partners. The round also included Andreessen Horowitz and Porsche Ventures. These funds will be used to expand the company’s AI platform. The company will use the latest funding to continue its AI platform improvements and customer support capabilities.

Cresta, an AI platform that supports customer service representatives in contact centers, offers real-time support. The company will use this funding to expand its Expertise Engine and AI platform. Sequoia Capital led the series B round, raising $50 million for the company.


Intuit has raised $50 million in Series A funding and is poised to be a leader in its market and increase diversity. Intuit is focusing on making salespeople more effective digital marketers and looking to reap the benefits of online shopping. This funding will allow the company to expand and hire more employees as the world shifts increasingly toward the internet.

Cresta, founded by Zayd Eam, is an AI-driven platform offering real-time agent coaching. It also provides feedback across all channels. Sequoia Capital, Sebastian Thrun and Sequoia Capital were the latest investors. This investment will be used for further development of Cresta’s Expertise engine technology.

It has a prestigious client list that includes Adobe, Intuit and Dropbox. The company also announced Cresta for voice, which connects with Amazon Connect. It is also developing a voice-based app that allows for phone sales.


Porsche invested $50 million in Cresta AI (an AI-driven car that increases safety and efficiency). Venture funds and series have provided the company with funding to increase its growth. The company is on the right track to becoming a leader in its field.

This new investment round is part of a larger series B round, allowing the company to expand its AI platform. The company is based in San Francisco (USA) and is experiencing rapid growth in its sales. Sequoia Capital led the round, along with Greylock Partners, Andreessen Horowitz and Porsche Ventures as investors.

Software from the company will provide customer service staff with automated coaching and real-time support. This software can help customers seeking digital options for connecting with companies. Customers can now chat with Porsche representatives online, for example. Customers can get the answers they require quickly and easily online, regardless of where they are located.

Cresta can transform individuals into customer service agents with Series B funding. These agents will be able to assist consumers by answering their inquiries immediately. The company planned to close its Series B funding in 2021. This will be possible thanks to its AI technology.

Cox Communications

Cresta offers services that transform people into customer service agents in a world that is becoming increasingly digital. This technology is being used for real-time customer support. Despite being early, the company has raised $27 million through its Series A round. The company intends to use the money for expansion and new models.

The company’s technology uses artificial intelligence to power it and provides real-time customer support agents. The company recently raised $50 Million in a Series B round led by Sequoia Capital. The company appointed Sebastian Thrun, Sequoia Capital’s former CEO of AT&T John Donovan, to its board. These funds will expand the company and further develop its Expertise Engine.

Cresta, headed by Zayd Enam (co-founder), promises to improve corporate productivity. It’s AI technology uses an Expertise Engine for real-time feedback and mentorship of agents in all customer interactions. Cresta for voice, which offers real-time coaching and feedback to agents, is also offered by the company. This technology includes call transcription and learning bases solutions.

Cresta offers a range of products, including its latest product, the Cresta 50mSerie Sequoia Voice. It’s designed for call-based sales agents and contact center groups. It can call transcribers, trigger agents’ behavior and provide access to data-driven databases. It has collaborated with numerous companies, including Intuit, Porsche, and Cox Communications.


Cresta ai 50m is an AI startup that transforms individuals into customer service agents. These agents can provide instant support via chats or phone calls. Sequoia Capital is the current investor, but many other high-profile investors have also invested in the startup.

Cresta’s AI platform was created to assist customer service representatives in improving customer experience and providing real-time insights for managers. In a Series B financing round, Cresta raised $50 million and planned to use the funds to expand its capabilities. Sequoia Capital led the investment after the startup saw rapid growth. The company’s annual revenue increased by four times in just one year.

Sequoia Capital led the new round, along with other prominent venture capital companies like Greylock Partners, Andreessen Horowitz and Tiger Global. Additional investors included Genesys and Five9, JP Morgan, CarMax, and JP Morgan.

Cresta hopes to be a market leader and increase its diversity with this funding. Cresta’s AI platform generates leads and gives customer service agents real-time data. The company launched Cresta for voice, a brand-new AI platform. This technology is compatible with Amazon Connect, a cloud-based contact service platform.


Cresta’s CEO, Zayd Enam, aims to change how customers interact with him. Cresta’s Expertise Engine promises to improve customer service training using AI. This artificial intelligence platform provides real-time AI mentoring, feedback, and insight into all customer interactions. The recent launch of Cresta for Voice produces tangible business results in a matter of weeks. The software also offers voice transcription, knowledgebase answers, and dynamic reminders.


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