Does Amazon Ship on Sundays? Everything You Need To Know

Does Amazon Ship on Sundays?

If you’ve landed on this page, then it’s pretty safe to assume that’s what you’re hoping the answer will be. Unfortunately, the short answer is probably not. However, you can do a few things to speed up your Amazon Ship.

Why Don’t They Ship on Sundays?

Alright, so why don’t they ship on Sundays? Well, because of logistics! Now, most companies work in systems that allow them to process an order within 30 seconds of being placed – pretty nifty, huh?! However, the problem with these systems is that they need time to process all orders before shipping them out. This means that none are shipped for every order processed during the day until they have all been collected and packed away. And since Amazon has grown to become the one-stop-shop for everything, there isn’t enough time in the day to get through them all and send them out Monday – Friday.

Therefore, while it would be great if they were able to ship on Sundays (and we’re sure many of you would like that!), unfortunately, this is just not possible!

What Can I Do To Make My Orders Ship Faster?

However, good news! While Amazon themselves don’t offer Sunday shipping, there are a few things you can do to make your orders arrive at your doorstep faster:

1) First and foremost: use Amazon Prime! By doing so, not only do you benefit from complimentary two-day shipping and same-day delivery (in some areas), but you also get free streaming of their TV and Movie catalog as well as unlimited photo storage!

2) Your second option is to opt for Super Saver Shipping. This means that your order will be shipped within a week of being placed, so it’s worth considering if speed is more important than cost!

3) And finally – though probably most importantly – choose a reliable shipping method when checking out. If you have selected the cheapest shipping method available on Amazon, don’t expect your items to arrive after next Tuesday! Be sure to choose an appropriate service at checkout that will meet your needs from a shipping perspective and regarding customer service availability if/when any issues should arise with your order.

What About Overnight Shipping?

This is an interesting one because it depends on the seller (rather than Amazon themselves) and your location! Working like any other ecommerce store, if you’re located in the US you’ll likely receive your order overnight; however, if you’re located in Europe or further abroad, it could take several business days before your order even ships. This throws a bit of a spanner in the works when it comes to delivery times, but here’s hoping that our friends across the pond are enjoying their extra day off.

Independent Couriers and Sunday Deliveries

If you’re a resident of one of the following cities, you might see a Sunday delivery option from various independent courier companies. These companies pick up from Amazon on Sundays and deliver your packages to their hubs before they deliver them to your doorsteps on Monday.

Another potential issue with these deliveries is that because they’re using different couriers than FedEx or UPS, it becomes hard for customers to contact the carriers if something goes wrong with their order. UPS and FedEx have precise phone numbers listed, whereas these smaller courier companies don’t have that same level of transparency – which could cause problems if there’s a problem with your order.

On top of this, not all products will be eligible for Sunday deliveries. As of 2015, Amazon does not offer Sunday deliveries on certain products, including perishables and electronics.

Freight Deliveries

Because it’s hard to compete with the price of shipping by the pound using FedEx or UPS, Amazon has started shipping large items like appliances or TVs on freight lines for customers that order these products. Generally speaking, any time you see this delivery option, you will be getting your item delivered via truck (which is why it can sometimes take longer than expected). Some customers have expressed frustration over waiting 5-7 days for their new refrigerator or TV to arrive – but keep in mind that you are paying a fraction of the cost compared to what you would pay if it shipped via one of the major carriers.

Sunday deliveries are not available in all area codes

Sunday delivery is only available in select cities and zip codes for a fee, depending on the size of your order, where it’s being shipped from, and the delivery cutoff time.

Sunday deliveries are not available to all customers or for all items. Some FedEx ShipSmart orders may need to be received before 1:00 PM local destination time each Wednesday to be processed for shipping via expedited ground service on Saturday. In these cases, the following Monday will likely be observed as a holiday since it falls outside of regular business hours (Monday through Friday between 5:00 AM – 9:00 PM). Also, see below the ‘Holiday Shipping Deadlines’ section for further details about specific holidays.MSN Money offers a helpful tool.


Amazon now offers free shipping on products that are $35 or more, another reason for this Sunday delivery increase. Although the company has never been upfront about its shipping procedures and fees, getting a product in your hand overnight seems to be getting easier. Many items you buy from Amazon come with free two-day shipping. When an item is marked ‘In Stock’ and fulfilled by Amazon, your order should ship within 24 hours and arrive at your doorstep within 48 hours. If you purchase a pre-order for an item not yet released, you can still opt for same-day delivery if it’s available in your area.

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