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Does CBD Help with Anxiety?

Does CBD Help with Anxiety?
  • PublishedJuly 7, 2022

CBD has slowly become a trend in the wellness industry. It’s now available and easily accessible via products such as candies, oils, skincare, and even animal products.

CBD advocates claim it helps with several ailments, including pain, anxiety, seizures, stress, and more. This article answers the question: does CBD help with Anxiety? We’ll tell you everything you should know about CBD and its effects on Anxiety.

What is CBD?

The cannabis plant has hundreds of active compounds called cannabinoids. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of the many compounds in this plant.

You can find CBD in oil or tincture form. Along with various types, such as gummies, pills, and capsules.

The cannabis plant has varieties, which include hemp and marijuana. Most CBD products on today’s market come from hemp. While the hemp plant has little THC, marijuana contains high amounts of THC.¬†Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC¬†is the psychoactive compound in cannabis. CBD is not, so you will not get a high feeling when you take it.

Does CBD help with Anxiety?

Anxiety is a normal emotion we all experience at one point or the other. But, for some people, it only gets worse over time. Anxiety disorders are marked by more than temporary fear or worry. This feeling affects your life and makes it hard to get through your daily activities.

There are many coping mechanisms for Anxiety. Examples include meditation, deep breathing, exercises, yoga, and speaking with a therapist. But these tips may not be enough sometimes.

We have studies on CBD and anxiety disorders. In 2015, a review assessed all the evidence from preclinical and clinical studies. 

The authors found CBD is an effective treatment for many anxiety disorders, including:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Social anxiety disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder

From what we know, anecdotal and scientific evidence abounds that CBD decreases Anxiety. However, the studies are limited. So, there’s a need for further research.¬†

In most cases, the research involves a small group of people. Either that or the study was conducted on animals.

Experts haven’t fully understood how CBD works to Decrease Anxiety. However, it appears that CBD achieves its effects on Anxiety by binding to serotonin receptors. Activating the serotonin receptor produces a calming, mood-enhancing effect.

In addition, its unclear what CBD dosage produces these effects. There are many variations in the doses used during studies. And that goes on to prove that people respond differently to intake of CBD. What works for one person may not necessarily work for you.

Side Effects Of CBD

Although CBD is a natural substance, there are possible side effects you should know about. Some people who use CBD report the following side effects:

  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Appetite changes
  • Diarrhea

Further, CBD can interact with certain medications like blood thinners. So, discussing with your doctor before taking CBD products is crucial.

Also, the FDA doesn’t regulate CBD. As a result, some brands offer less or more CBD than what’s written on the product label.

Guide for Purchasing CBD Products for Anxiety?

The first and most important step to enjoying CBD benefits is by getting a high-quality product. Many crucial factors can help you determine the quality of a CBD product. If you choose unknown or cheap CBD products, you are more likely to get scammed as the FDA currently doesn’t regulate any CBD products.¬†

But don’t worry. We’ve put together a guide for selecting the¬†best CBD brands for anxiety relief products. Let’s have a look.

Third-party Tests:¬†Reputable CBD brands do everything possible to win the trust of their users. They do this by staying transparent about their processes. One way to ensure transparency is by having each product go through third-party tests. It doesn’t end there; the results from these tests will be on the brand’s website. Or they should be available to customers when they ask for the reports.

Source of Hemp: The origin of the hemp plant affects the quality of the CBD product. So, you should buy from brands that use organic, non-GMO hemp. This plant should be free from chemicals, such as pesticides and fungicides.

Extraction Technique: The leading industry method for extracting CBD is CO2 extraction. This method produces potent, pure extracts and free from harmful solvents.

When choosing CBD products, you should spend time on research. Research both the product and the company behind it. There are many top CBD brands out there as well as substandard ones.

Final Thoughts

There are many positive reports from people who use CBD to manage Anxiety. Additionally, results from research are encouraging. Researchers believe CBD is a possible therapy option for anxiety disorders. But we still need more long-term studies involving larger groups.

Although CBD is a generally safe substance, some side effects can also occur. If you decide to use CBD for Anxiety, always consult your doctor, especially if you’re on drugs. Also, ensure you buy from a reputable brand that conducts third-party lab tests.

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