Does Green Thai Kratom Help To Improve Concentration Levels?

No one can keep their concentration up constantly. When you’re sick, in pain, feeling tired, or simply having a bad day, it’s only normal to lose focus. However, if your concentration levels are chronically low, you need to do something. 

Vitamin D and B are known to reduce brain fog, and so are magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids. Many people rely on them and similar supplements to improve their energy levels and mental focus. 

However, there might be another, more effective natural remedy – green borneo kratom. This plant is jam-packed with beneficial alkaloids that can affect your body and mind. Find out what it is and how it can help you improve your concentration. 

What is green Thai kratom? 

Before you start using any natural (or synthetic) remedy for poor concentration, it’s in your best interest to learn precisely what it is. So, what is green Thai? 

As its name would suggest, green Thai originally comes from Thailand, although the varieties available today likely come from other countries seeing as Thailand legalized kratom only last year. It’s a strain of an evergreen coffee tree native to Southeast Asia, where it’s been used by generations of farmers and workers who needed a little extra boost of energy and focus. 

Green Thai kratom has high concentrations of alkaloids such as mitragynine and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine, which bind to the receptors in your brain to exert their effects – such as relieving pain, increasing your dopamine production, alleviating anxiety symptoms, and more. 

How is it different from other strains? 

Like any plant, the kratom tree has several strains, and sub-strains, the most common are red, white, and green. These strains were each named by the color of the leaf veins, so red kratom has distinguishable red veins, white kratom has white veins, and of course, green kratom green. 

However, these three main types of kratom aren’t different solely in their appearance. They also have varying effects on users. 

Red kratom is known for being a powerful opiate. It has a sedating effect, making it an excellent pain-killer. 

White kratom is the exact opposite of red. It’s stimulating, giving you increased energy and keeping you wide awake when you need it most. 

Green Thai kratom is different. It’s simultaneously sedating and stimulating, relaxing and energy-boosting – it all depends on the dosage. Green Thai can give you that extra boost to get through the day at low doses. At higher doses, it can sedate you and make you feel ready to hit the hay. In essence, it gives you the best of both worlds. 

Does it help improve your concentration levels?

In a word, yes, green Thai kratom could help improve your concentration levels. Kratom alkaloids stimulate your brain and improve your mood, allowing you to stay focused and productive regardless of what kind of a day you’re having. 

However, how it affects you depends entirely on you. Every green Thai user has a different experience, even at the same dose. That’s because unique factors like your gender, weight, genetics, metabolism, even what you had for lunch that day are what will shape how kratom affects you. So, before you start relying on it for improving mental focus, make sure to test it out. Start with a low dose, notice whether it makes a difference, then slowly increase your kratom intake over a few weeks. 

Other effects of green Thai kratom 

Green Thai kratom isn’t only helpful in boosting your concentration levels. Users report that it could also help with: 

  • Anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders; 
  • Insomnia; 
  • Neuropathic pain; 
  • Withdrawal symptoms; 
  • Eating disorders; 
  • Indigestion. 

However, since kratom can have a different effect on every user, you should always consult your primary care doctor before you start using it. 

A word on green Thai kratom dosage 

If they consider the array of its potential benefits, many consumers are excited to give green Thai kratom a try and see what it’s like. However, as mentioned, you’ll want to be very careful with the dosage. Otherwise, you won’t be likely to enjoy your experience. 

Start with about one gram on an empty stomach if you’re a first-time user. Give it some time to take effect – it can take up to two or three hours until kratom peaks. If you feel no different, take another gram, but stop there. If you don’t notice a desirable effect, wait to increase your dose by a gram the next day or when you feel like taking kratom. 

Continue like this until you notice a positive difference, increasing your dose by no more than a gram at a time.  

Final thoughts 

Green Thai kratom can be a powerful remedy for poor concentration. Remember to be careful with your dose if you want to experience everything that kratom offers.