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Hiring a Private Label Manufacturer for Lipsticks Range? Is it Worth the Investment?

Hiring a Private Label Manufacturer for Lipsticks Range? Is it Worth the Investment?
  • PublishedMay 13, 2022

As a retailer of cosmetics, especially lipsticks, you definitely would have been looking for ways to design spectacular packaging for all your products. Without any doubt, it is quite important to market your products in a manner, inevitably, fantastic labels are a highlight that we see all on those best-selling Givenchy and Dior lipsticks. This simply means ensuring that every packaging is executed to meet customers and your standard. Now the question that turns out to be overwhelming to most retailers is to know whether to label in-house or outsource a private label lipstick manufacturer

Well, the foremost reason is that the process of creating and distributing lipsticks has to begin with a relatable manufacturer. So just like the established brands, the world of private labeling makes a huge difference to the brand owning the products. 

Private Label vs Contract Manufacturing – Know What to Choose. 

If you initially are not able to figure out the difference between both of them, then it is completely okay. However, we want you to comprehend that the outcomes of both services are exactly the same. You are getting a finished product that you can market anywhere, locally or internationally as per your preference. The only major difference is the process. Here’s a quick rundown explaining both of them; feel free to review it. 

  • Contract Manufacturing – It is more of a DIY option, indicating that you have the choice of selecting everything at your end. Even if it is about the lipstick formulation, filling, or packaging, you have to do it on your own or perhaps with the assistance of multiple people.

  • Private Label – without any doubt, it has been an incredible and feasible option for most lipstick brands. All you need to select an already existing product from a manufacturer, and then get your brand’s name printed on the product. Most relatively, startups go this way out of affordability and convenience. In simple words, this option holds minimal or no hassle at all. 

Whether you pick the contract version or the private label version as per the criteria of your startup or business, most likely, private labeling has been the winner in all these years. You never know it might be a favorable solution for your cosmetics brand as well. 

Is Private Label Manufacturing Right For You? 

Well, the reasons why retailers favor this approach are many, especially, when they have to do a lot with a huge consumer base. As a  matter of fact, it is reasonable for these three main scenarios: 

  • You just initiated a startup – Getting products while you have just landed into the industry is not as easy as it seems. Plus, that turns out to be expensive as well. So if you have just set your base, we suggest you consider hiring a private label manufacturer. It has already come a long way; you will thank us later for it.
  • You want to try something new – for your cosmetics or particularly lipsticks venture, many of you might wish to operate everything in your comfort zone. If this bodes perfectly with your current concept, then it makes a lot of sense to introduce a new range to the market, but only with the help of an expert manufacturer.
  • You propose popular merchandise – With the commencement of your startup, you may know a few products that are doing exactly perfect in the marketplace. Now if you seek the same recognition for your products through a wide customer base, then private labeling your lipstick products can be of great help. 

Considering to contact or collaborate with a reliable and experienced private label lipstick manufacturer is not only a wise decision, but also opens ample opportunities for immense success in the long run. 

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