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How and When does Luffy use gear 4 & 5?

One of One Piece’s main protagonists, Luffy, has been going through various “stages” when it comes to using his abilities during combat. These stages are mainly categorized into 4 when it comes to Luffy’s usage, these include:

  • Gear Second (mainly when he uses this stage while in water)
  • Gear Third (mainly when he uses this stage while in water)
  • Gear Fourth
  • Gear Fifth (“Bondman”)

So for this entry, I will be specifically talking about when and where Luffy uses his newest form, which is currently known as Gear Fourth. This form was introduced when Luffy finally used Haki imbued punches on Whitebeard during their fight for Ace’s life in Marineford. Luffy decided to put all his might into a single punch when protecting Ace.

This is when Luffy first successfully activated Gear Fourth.

The most recent time when this form was used was when Luffy finally confronted the infamous Blackbeard in a fight for his destiny in Impel Down Level 6. In short, Blackbeard attempted Luffy’s life when it came to escaping from Impel down Level 6, and since then, their bout began during which they both traded blows at each other until they both reached a standstill when it comes to physical strength.

Luffy uses his Gomu Gomu no Gatling Gun in this form when he unleashes a barrage of punches onto Akainu.

Now that we’ve seen when Luffy activates this form when he is pushed into a corner when it comes to situations, the next question would be “how did Luffy acquire this ability?” and also “when did Luffy learn to use his ability when in Gear Fourth?”. From reading through various sources from the One Piece storyline, we can assume that Gear Fourth is very different when using other forms such as Gears Second or Third. What’s so different about Gear Four when compared with other gears? Unlike other gears, where they have a time limit before they wear off to Gear Fourth, Luffy does not seem to have a time limit when it comes to maintaining another form while being used.

I guess Luffy has an unlimited supply of energy when it comes to maintaining his Gear Fourth form.

Luffy has also used the powers of Gear Fourth when he is struggling against a foe such as Smoker when Luffy uses his Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gun, which was able to send Smoker flying away from him and crashing into a building when their bout reaches its climax.

While in this form, Luffy’s punch can hurt and do damage onto foes who are somewhat stronger than him when they reach a certain level of power, such as Doflamingo when Luffy punched Doflamingo at point-blank range with Haki imbued punches which result in Doflamingo receiving critical injuries (although he later healed himself) when they first met during Punk Hazard arc.

In what episode does Luffy use gear 4?

Luffy first activated this form when he used it to release a Gomu Gomu no Grizzly Magnum when Whitebeard was about to execute Ace.

In One Piece, Luffy gains the ability to drink “the” devil fruit, which is known as Hito Hito no Mi when it comes to his specific powers. And what does this devil fruit do for him? It gives Luffy the ability to manifest a “fourth-dimensional” effect within himself when fighting with others who also possess haki and gaining another boost when fighting against other users of Devil Fruits.

According to a source from the series, Gear Fourth is called “Combustion Beast.”

Luffy uses his powers in Gear Fourth when he is cornered when facing a stronger foe when Gear Second and Third cannot be activated since it requires lots of energy when used, which will only last for a short period compared to his new form.

Luffy learned how to use this technique when he was training in Rusukaina.

As I’ve said before, Luffy learns this ability when training on Rusukaina Island during the Amazon Lily arc. It was first shown when Luffy first went into the forest there and meditated on top of some rocks when summoning forth new abilities that can help him out in dire times.

 While using this technique, Luffy’s body transforms itself according to the powers of some animals, such as an eagle’s when he uses his Gomu Gomu no Eagle Bazooka when it comes to attacking when in Gear Fourth when Luffy defeats Doflamingo.

When Luffy uses this technique, he gets a boost when fighting against other users of devil fruit powers when in close range when the effects of the devil fruit affect their body when they collide with each other when in combat.

Well, compared to other forms such as Gears Second and Third, I guess “Gear Fourth” is pretty much helpful when you’re in dire straits since it does not have a time limit like the others when used, which makes Luffy a formidable foe when he is in that form.

Here are some episodes from One Piece where we can see Luffy using “Gear Fourth” when he is in combat with an opponent when the situation is getting worse, and it looks like Luffy will lose.

Why didn’t Luffy use Gear 4th on Hody, Caesar to shoot one shot to him?

Is it because he did not have that much time when Hody was faking his death?

No, Luffy used Gear 4th when fighting against Lucci to break water prison. But when he fought Hody, Luffy used Gear 3rd for the long-range attack. Of course, when fighting with a strong enemy, he will use 1st until 6th gears instead of using 4th gear when it’s possible. *Note: He did use Gear 4th when fighting Hatchan, but Luffy blew him away while he was underwater, so maybe you can say that Luffy didn’t hit Hatchan with the gear 4th punch.

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