Wednesday, November 29

How Email Signature is a Low-cost High-profit Marketing Channel?

Emails are being used for quite a long time for communication. With time, companies started using emails to expand and promote their business. Today, with loads of other digital marketing channels available, emails are still being used immensely. 

Many people are not aware that emails can be made an even more powerful tool in creating a brand identity with the help of an email signature. An email signature is your identity information added to the email footer. Here, Designhill has mentioned how email signature is a low-cost high-profit marketing channel. 


An email signature is a much more targeted form of marketing as compared to other channels like digital advertising or email marketing communications. Different email signatures can be used in different group emails to share different messages. This is really helpful in having a targeted impact on your target audience. 

You can also create this targeted effect by creating your own email signature. Use an email signature generator and create signatures in minutes with amazing templates. 

High volume 

It has been heard that an average worker sends 35 emails per day. For instance, a 50 person office sends 1700 emails every day which proves to be a huge marketing audience. If you display an important brand message on your email signature, a large target audience will be able to see that. As your business and workforce scale, the audience will become larger and more people will see your email signature. 

You can even take the opportunity of reaching external partners like suppliers and customers. Emails are often forwarded and copied long after the originals are generated. With time, more and more people will come in contact with your email signature. 


Another major feature of the email signature is that your contacts will get a continued and constant display of your company persistently. This makes email signature a high-profit choice over a few other marketing channels where the message is visible only once. 

This is the reason that email signatures have a huge effect through which various business relationships are maintained. Email signatures can be used in different ways to create different effects and communicate altered messages. 

Business relevant 

Email marketing is used to discuss commercial as well as professional subjects. An email signature is a marketing channel that is controlled and targeted. You can enhance the relevance of your content by using it. If you are using email for sales, you can even mention pricing or potential add-ons in the email signature and increase profit. If the email signature is being used for the customer service team, it would be great if the email signature is relevant to the use of one of your products or services. 

Personal and Trusted

It is essential to build trust with your target audience to do further business pleasantly. It is quite obvious that if your customers trust you, they will come again and again to you. While using email marketing, you build up this trust with your potential customers by adding a personal touch. 

Use an email signature to connect with your potential customers. You can demonstrate a message in front of your audience to connect with them emotionally. You can also intensify the impact of your message with the use of an email signature. 

Controlled marketing

In the case of email signature marketing, the context in which your company will be portrayed can be easily controlled as compared to other online advertisements. As the main content of the email will be a positive representation of your company, the communications in your email signature will be rightfully portrayed. Moreover, you can properly control how your signature will look on any screen. 

You can send controlled messages to different people using email signatures unlike other marketing forms such as logo design. Logos cannot be altered as freely as email signatures can. You can create a permanent logo for your company using an online logo maker in a few minutes. 

Internal opportunity 

An email signature can also be used to create positive effects internally. The email signature can also contain messages which you wish to convey to your colleagues, subordinates, supoeriors, and employees to keep them motivated and high-spirited. 

If the company is larger, using an email signature to contact your audience becomes even more essential. Staff can be working at varying distances from the head office. Thus, a message in email signature can be an effective way to reach each of them. 


An email signature is placed on important emails that deliver valuable information, confirmation, assistance, etc. Your target audience is more likely to react to your email signature’s content. You must carefully curate email signatures and target the right emotions of your clients, consumers, or staff. 

You can update your signature to include a cross-sell opportunity. You can provide a link to a blog post, add an attractive banner in the email signature. If the reader is interested in your email, they will have a look or try anything you have to offer. 

Increase in Social Media Followers

Almost all brands, companies are working to promote themselves and increase social media followers. There is a huge audience based on social media platforms which is economically beneficial. Social media platforms can help companies a lot to grow their business. 

As social media is of such high use, you can mention your company’s social media links in your email signature. With this, your clients get another way to connect with the company and learn more about your brand. You can add social media icons to create a better effect. 

Gets Instant Reviews

Reviews are a great way to ensure that your products and services are working. If you are new, clients usually need some idea about your reputation. Reviews are a great way of building trust among your audience and clients. 

There are various ways to collect reviews but mostly your audience does not have much time to do that. You can add a simple ‘Review Us’ link in your email signature and get quick reviews from your customers. 


Every business is trying to reach its target audience and get connected with them. With the help of technology, marketing tools and channels have increased a lot. But the prices for promoting your brand have also hiked up. This is devastating, especially for small businesses and startups. 

However, you can use email signatures to promote your business at a very low cost. You can create an attractive and compelling email signature using an email signature generator. 

Makes Email Marketing more effective

Email marketing is one of the most used marketing channels to reach out to the target audience even after the development of other marketing channels like social media, videos, etc. You can make your email marketing campaign more effective and promote it by adding a link to the campaign in your email signature. 

You can use this for people you already have business relationships with. They will definitely click on and can even forward to friends and colleagues who might be interested in your brand. 

Email signature has plenty of benefits to offer including value, trust, controlled marketing, more audience, and much more. All of this is available at such low costs. Email signatures are truly a low-cost high-profit marketing channel. 

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