How The Agency Pitch Process Works

  • PublishedDecember 12, 2023

You may have heard the term bandied about, but what exactly is an agency pitch and what does it mean for your business? Basically, the agency pitch is a method of selling your ideas to prospective clients by using a professional ad agency to promote your offer with the expertise they bring to the table backing your proposal. 

The pitch must impress the potential client so much that they will seriously consider hiring your organization to carry out the implementation of the goods or services you are trying to impress upon them. The agency pitch process is a complex one, so let’s examine it in more detail from the perspective of a pitch maker so you will be ready if your business ever needs to make one!

Research – The first step of a successful pitch process is to thoroughly research the intended recipient. You must gather all the information possible on a potential client so that you can tailor the pitch to suit their expected needs and desires. Study their history, their product, and their corporate structure in detail to help you personalize your pitch. For example, if they are selling candy and you want to convince them that your packaging concepts are the best, you had better have a complete knowledge of their products (sampling them yourself is optional!) in order to convince them. The more knowledge you can accrue about a company and its management, the more impressed they will be, and yes, flattery can get you everywhere!

Introduction – Begin the presentation by first introducing yourself and your team to the prospective client and their staff. Include a brief history of your agency, including its most luminary accomplishments, and a personal message tailored to make them feel comfortable. Getting to know someone is always a great way to begin a business relationship!

Your Strategy – You want to demonstrate that you and your agency has a thorough understanding of the client’s goals and challenges, and present a clear strategy in regard to how you will be instrumental in the implementation of their success. Impress upon them the value of your techniques so that they will want to enlist your services! 

Question Time – It’s essential that you allow your prospective clients a chance to ask you any questions they have regarding your pitched proposals. This is a great opportunity for you to further promote your offered goods or services, and go into even greater detail about how they are of immense value to your potential client’s organisation. This will also make them feel more intimately involved in the project and give them a taste of how great it will be to have you on their team! Once you have satisfied their concerns and curiosities, you will be in pole position to close the deal and your pitch will be a resounding success!

The Australian Department of Industry, Science and Resources maintains a website dedicated to helping businesses achieve their goals, so check for useful information on their website. We hope we have helped you understand the agency pitch process better, and that it will help you make your future business dealings a success!