How to Choose Reliable Movers in Atlanta

How to Choose Reliable Movers in Atlanta
  • PublishedSeptember 5, 2022

After making memories in a particular environment, it could be hard to detach from it emotionally and psychologically. This is not the only feeling you would get; you become anxious about how to move and who to trust with valuables and properties you have worked so hard to acquire for years. Your misgivings are valid because of the many scams, and shoddy practices that have trailed many moving companies.

Choosing a reliable company should be the most important on the list of your moving plans. If you’re looking to get reliable movers in Atlanta, GA there are some things to look out for.

In this article, you will get to see a good number of things to look out for if you want to get good moving services. Here are some things to put into consideration if you want to choose reliable movers:

Patronize a Local Mover

You will be less at the risk of being swindled by scam movers operating strictly on the internet if you hire movers within your area like movers in Atlanta, GA. You are at liberty to visit the company’s office, check out their equipment and ask questions.

It’s easy to get reviews about a local mover from friends, acquaintances and neighbors when it comes to local movers. Besides, from the experiences revealed by people known to you, you can easily conclude if you want to hire or not.

A Reliable Mover Must Have an Inventory

A reliable moving company will make sure a thorough inventory is done on all your belongings. They will also determine how bulky and weighty your move is, either through a virtual survey or in person.

The bulk of the mover’s price is modestly based on how heavy your belongings are and how much space it occupies in the truck. You can compare estimates to be sure you are getting a good price.

A Thorough Walk-through Must Be Done

A walk-through is done by an estimator. If an estimator performs a walk-through without taking note of the things you plan to move, there will be an inaccurate estimate.

Note that a good estimator is meant to ask questions about the things you plan to move. Have a prepared list of the items you don’t intend to move to the truck- like items you plan to give to charity, items you plan to sell or leave behind for new owners.

Never Pay in Cash or Large Deposits

No reputable mover would demand cash or large deposits before moving your belongings. Payment should only be made on delivery. Paying in advance will leave you with no control over what happens to your belongings.

It’s more advisable to use a credit card to protect you from being a victim of fraud. With a credit card, you have evidence of payment in case some things don’t add up.

Don’t Patronize Companies That Operate Using Different Names

To avoid being investigated by the Better Business Bureau, some companies operate under different names. To avoid being a victim of their schemes, know the company’s local address. You should also get information about insurance and licensing.

Search online for reviews; look online for any complaints that might have been made and check out how the issues were rectified. Be sure that the company in your state has a license to operate; consider checking their insurance coverage too.

Beware of Hidden Fees Added to the Estimates

In choosing movers, make enquiries about their services and the charges attached to each of them. Explain to them the nature of your properties and what they need. A reliable company will let you know what extra fees are attached to special services that involve delicate items. Additional fees for extra stops, parking tickets, fees for stairs and elevators and moving insurance would be listed in their estimates. If there’s any additional fees listed in the quote you aren’t comfortable with, you should inform the moving company.

Be Weary of Blank Contract

Every transaction should be in writing. All estimates, extra fees and delivery dates should be documented. Ensure that you read through them and double-check the terms that you agreed on.

Don’t forget to check the item inventory also, to be sure it matches yours. An item that is not on the inventory before the driver takes off will not be there when he arrives. By implication, you can’t claim that belonging that isn’t on the list is yours.

Hire Reliable Movers in Atlanta

With the above guide, you won’t have to be indecisive about choosing movers. The information highlighted in this article is enough to guide you through the process of moving, with the help of reliable and reputable movers. Atlanta Movers tick all the boxes as far as meeting your moving needs are concerned. Our integrity and professionalism in handling your properties for relocation are paramount.

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