How to Get Back Your Instagram Account When it’s Disabled, Hacked, or Deleted

Instagram is quite possibly the most famous online media platform on the planet, and losing admittance to your record can be a horrible situation for some clients. Being cut off from your companions and local area is a certain something, yet losing long stretches of pictures and recordings can be destroying. Luckily, its not very hard to get back your Instagram account much of the time.

Instagram has gathered huge popularity within a short period, due to the great services that it offers. The login process of this platform is fairly simple as well. But apart from that, the platform also has pretty strict guidelines, and violating those may put you in the “Instagram disabled my account” club.

In case you read this too late, good for you, we happen to have the perfect solution for when Instagram disabled my account for no reason at all.

Read this blog till the very end to know how to recover a disabled Instagram account in case you ever have to face such a situation or if you are already stuck in one that is similar to this.

Probable reasons behind an Instagram account getting disabled

There are several reasons why a user may get his Instagram account disabled. The sad thing is that, often, moderators wouldn’t even give you a warning strike, instead only a notification pops up stating that your account has been disabled and that you no longer have access to your account until any further action is taken. 

Although the platform doesn’t offer any specific guidelines as to why it may ban your account, it does tell users upfront that indulging in any sort of illegal activities, nudity, hate speech, or graphic violence can break the guidelines or the terms of use can result in the banning of the Instagram account. 

The good thing about this is that getting your Instagram account back isn’t as difficult as it seems. Whenever your account gets blocked, make sure to never apologize as that will only imply that you have done something and that your account wasn’t blocked for nothing. A disabled Instagram account can be taken back by sending an appeal.

How to get your account back?

You can simply submit an appeal to the official contact page of Instagram. All you have to do is to fill in the required details in the given field and hit the send button. Once again, keep in mind to not say sorry as that will only state the obvious. You may also need to send a selfie at some point during the process for verification purposes.

The great thing about this is that you can repeat this process as many times as you want to until you get a less strict/lenient moderator. If things are in your favor and you haven’t broken any laws intentionally, it would take no more than a couple of days for you to get your account back. Make sure to be persistent with your attempts.

How to recover a deleted account?

The platform of Instagram also launched a new feature in recent years which made it possible for users to temporarily deactivate or delete their account to take a break from all the social media buzz. This can only be done with a computer or web-based platform and not the application. The best thing about this feature is that it is also pretty simple to get your deactivated account back. 

keep in mind that this is only possible when you have temporarily deleted your account, in case you have permanently done so, you will be unable to enjoy Instagram without a new account

How to fix when someone has hacked your account?

In case you are unable to access your account even after you have entered the correct login details, your account has likely been hacked by someone.

In such a situation, your best chance of getting your account back is if you manage to reset your mail password with the use of the recovery email, provided that the hacker hasn’t already removed your email address from the section.