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How To Grow Your Social Media Accounts?

  • PublishedOctober 24, 2022

Lagutkina Xenia, Viplikes and Soclikes expert on social media promotion. Gives advice on how to boost a page in any net and collects the most helpful tips for today.

Social networks have become an integral part for each of us. However, everyone uses them for different purposes – for some it is a place of rest and relaxation, and for others it is a real job. Brands, entrepreneurs and celebrities use various social platforms every day to keep in touch with the audience, increase visibility in the media sphere and attract potential customers or viewers. If you are one of them or are just planning to do it, then you probably know how important it is to have a large number of people following you.

Having active subscribers on one or several social resources, you can spread information about your brand, share your creativity and even monetize your activities. But in order to have a truly wide audience, you need to have an idea of what ways to grow accounts are relevant at the moment. We created this article to help you strengthen your position in the media sphere and boast about your brand (or creativity) being more visible. Here we will talk about the best ways to attract an audience, including the opportunity to buy real Instagram followers (or subscribers on another social network) and cross-promotion. Keep reading!

  • Use different videos for your pages. The video format has been the most widely distributed and attractive for several years now. They have become popular not so long ago, but they have already managed to win the attention of millions of users and visitors of resources. Publications with long text were pretty boring to many viewers, so they began to pay attention to a more convenient and comfortable format that does not require a lot of time. And if you are here in order to become a really successful creator and win the attention of thousands (or even millions) of followers, you should embed the video in your publications and develop it. 

Most platforms allow authors to share clips of various timings and themes. Use this for a good cause – explore Instagram Reels, IGTV, TikTok and YouTube Shorts to get some good ideas for your own videos. Shoot several clips a day, and in this case you will be able to attract even more visitors to your accounts, which will lead to the growth of the page and allow you to develop further.

  • Try paid quality services. Account promotion is a long and time-consuming process, regardless of which resource your page is located on. The most difficult part of all this is to get the desired number of subscribers that would contribute to the growth of profiles. Many novice creators spend several months trying to get at least a few hundred first subscribers. At the initial stage, you may need third-party support to quickly and effectively expand your subscriber base and strengthen your position on platforms. For example, if you plan to create a successful Insta account, try the opportunity to buy instagram followers cheap. This will give you many advantages: you will instantly expand your subscriber base, the page will become more attractive in the eyes of potential subs and this will entail the growth of the page. 

Visitors to the page will be convinced that you have valuable and interesting information that can be useful for them too. At the same time, you do not have to spend a lot of money – it is enough to make a one-time purchase or choose a special package so that subscribers are delivered to your page regularly. This is a convenient and easy way to increase your profile, which you can use right now.

  • Publish content on various resources. Cross-promotion will be a great helper for those who already have a certain number of followers on one or more sites. What does this mean? If you actively use several social networks at once to increase visibility in the media sphere, then you can use them to increase the page with the least subscribers. To do this, post several publications from there and attach a link to the original source. 

If you have a loyal audience, then it is likely that users will click on the specified link to support your initiatives and evaluate the content. In case the coverage is not as good as you expected, use a trick and promise a nice bonus (wish list or guide) for subscribing. With this, you will be able to warm up the interest of the audience and encourage them to follow the specified link.

  • Optimize your messages. At first glance, it may seem that publications are enough to be interesting and trending so that they can go viral and bring you fame. You see, it’s not that simple. Your posts may be great, but if no one sees them, then it’s all in vain. Use hashtags and geotags to make publications visible to as many users as possible. 

It is important to approach this matter wisely: study which tags are suitable for your niche and can contribute to increasing visibility. We recommend using those that are not high-frequency. In this case, you will be able to avoid fierce competition, and publications will not be lost among thousands of others. You can also use the keywords that users use to search for events or trends that interest them. It also contributes to the growth of pages.

  • Communicate with your audience. Sometimes influencers forget that the original purpose of any social platform is communication. And this is important for most active users. They want to be sure that you are not just a fictional person, but a real person who can notice their message and respond to it. 

Allocate 20-30 minutes daily to respond to all comments and messages received during the day, if possible. This will not only help you maintain excellent relationships with followers, but will also move your pages to the top, because activity will increase significantly. If you don’t have the resources for this and you can’t waste time on answers, delegate these responsibilities to a specialist or one of the employees, if you are the owner of the company.

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