How to learn Golf in Singapore? – Avoid Common Mistake, Health Benefits and Become Expert

Golf is a sport with great benefits to health, fitness, and bodily coordination.  It enhances your mental ability as you have to be calm and concentrate on every position of the swing.

However, not everyone has been born with those traits. There are some who need more time as they are still trying to master the required skills. 

There are a number of benefits in taking golf lessons in Singapore from the right instructor. You do not have to feel overwhelmed or frustrated with your lack of knowledge. You can equip yourself with the basics and gradually excel in your skills.

One challenge for golfers is finishing a swing on their front foot. They consistently finish on their back foot instead. People who do this make a mistake when they try to add power to their swings by pulling their heads and shoulders away from the ball. This results in poor accuracy and inconsistency in your shots.

Common Mistakes when Golfing

Firstly, you should be aware of common mistakes when golfing. When you watch other players in action, pay attention to how they hit the ball. As you are learning the game, you have to be keen on proper golfing techniques so you can emulate them when playing your own games.

Know how to complete a full swing by adopting the right steps on how to finish the golf swing on the front foot. You can change bad habits by adjusting your grip on both hands. 

Hold the club firmly with your right hand as you do with your left. If you notice that your club tends to tilt to the right, then reposition it back into a comfortable position for you. 

The grip should be such that when you swing and follow through, the head of the club should end up pointing directly at the target.

When making swings, you should press down on your left heel even though it is not necessary for backswings. 

You would often see other people who take their stance and make a practice swing before starting to hit the ball. If you want to add power, then add some more weight on your front leg while pulling up your right knee slightly. Your body’s weight should be closer to the target as you bring your hands towards it.

Health benefits of taking golf lessons in Singapore to include:

– Weight management through being more active while going out for 1 to 2 rounds per week.

– Great for socializing with friends and family.

– Less stress through short breaks to unwind, get a little exercise and spend time in Mother Nature.

– Good mental workout, golf can be very challenging mentally which exercises your brain while having fun!

How to become an expert in Golf?

There are many versions of golf throughout the world. Where one version is more popular than others that might be due to the playing environment or cultural reasons. The following tips will allow you to become an expert in golf.

– Play with a club more than once a week. This will improve your skill and bring you closer to the game. There are many places that offer golf lessons in Singapore for beginners and experts where you can learn better and further enhance your skills on how to play golf.

– Practice your swings regularly. This is a must in order to improve your golf skills. Practicing a lot of times will also allow you to know what you are doing wrong and help you correct that. You can either practice alone or with a coach who can assist you with your golf swing. Train with a golf simulator like the Garmin Approach R10, which allows you to experience realistic gameplay and track dozens of metrics necessary for your improvement.

– Find a place to play where you can have the correct equipment and sunshine is available. Most golf courses have a tee time system so that everyone gets a chance to play regardless of fee or skill level. It will do you good if you learn how to use the different clubs. They are usually specific for what they are intended for.

– Hitting a ball is not the only thing involved in golf, you also need to know how to choose a suitable club and which one suits you best. You will definitely have fun while playing the game if you are aware of all these tips on how to become an expert in golf.

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