How To Make Your Room Feel Spacious?

Setting up a spacious room is important. It will make your space look trendy and give you plenty of room to work in without feeling claustrophobic. Here we will share some easy tricks that can help you decorate your room to make it feel spacious:

Use Multi-Functional Furniture

Do not be afraid to use furniture with multiple functions. You can get a chair with storage space underneath or a bed that can serve as an extra table when needed. Decorating your room with multi-functional furniture is always recommended since it will help you save space without compromising on style and comfort. Also, you can use hidden storage areas to hide your small things and have more freedom to walk around.

Buy Furniture with Exposed Legs

Buy furniture with exposed legs instead of investing in beautiful, elegant tables covered in fabric or wood. Fabric-covered furniture can look quite attractive when clean, but it will make your room feel suffocating and dark once you start using them. Also, the fabric will begin wrinkling, and you will have to replace them often. However, furniture with exposed legs would allow air and light to flow underneath.

Be Voracious When It Comes to Lighting

Your room should be well lit. This will allow you to work without straining your eyes and help the space look more spacious than it is. Avoid furniture that blocks table or floor lamps and always ensure no dark corners in the room. You can even get a chandelier or a wall lamp that will give your room a trendy and expensive look. If you find the right flat, like the Canyon Flats, you wil get tons of natural light and the option to install added lighting.

Use Breezy Fabrics

Using breezy fabrics in the room will make sure that the space feels open and airy. You can use bamboo or wicker furniture in your living room, while natural fibers like cotton, linen, silk, or wool should be used for making curtains. Avoid heavy curtains that would absorb light and end up giving the room a suffocating look.

Cover the Floor With Rugs

You will be surprised at how affordable rugs can make your room look much more prominent. If your house is in the hallway or small, but you want to give it a more spacious appearance, buy some cheap carpets and put them on the floor! This can help by breaking up the lines of the room and bringing warmth to the space.

White it Out

Painting the walls white will make the room look more spacious. Also, opt for white furniture rather than those with colored cloth or those made of dark wood. It will reflect light, giving the room an illusion of depth. If possible, opt for white rugs as well so that the space looks airier.

Use Mirrors to Your Advantage

Mirrors are great tools to give your room a more spacious appearance. You can fix them on walls or place them in discreet locations to break up lines and make the floor look bigger than it is. Also, you can place reflective furniture or ornamental pieces in the corner of the room to give it an illusion of depth and space. Use mirrors, glass vases, opaque white bowls, and light-colored backgrounds so that light bounces off them and makes your room feel spacious.

Keep it Simple

Avoid over-decorating your room as it will make the space look smaller rather than make it look bigger. Keep it simple and bring light into the space by removing unnecessary furniture or accessories from the floor. If you have a reading corner, try to keep books on shelves, serving as a mantle.

You should not overcrowd your room with furniture and décor. It may look stylish but will give the feeling of congested space to a person entering the room. You can paint walls white, use breezy fabrics that allow free flow of light and air into the room, place mirrors at proper locations, and have multi-functional furniture in your room that will save space and help you in your daily routines. Also, make sure that the furniture is kept at a proper distance to avoid congested floor areas.