How Video Identification Is Supportive Towards Client’s Remote Verification

Attestation of clients is an extremely significant process that is also a requirement of time because of the accumulation of fraud cases in all businesses, specifically FinTech regulations globally. It is assumed that the fraud cases in financial businesses have boosted from 21% to 25% in the year 2021, which is affecting the productivity and status of the financial regulations and other businesses drastically worldwide. Scam cases regarding finances are such as money laundering, transferring of black money, terror financing, illegal trading, manipulation of marketing, and corruption in politics. To fight against all these crimes, video identification SaaS is developed for the verification of the identity of clients in businesses globally, hence, it is an online video identification software that smartly performs remote verification as compared to KYC used commonly. 

What Is Video Chat ID Verification? 

There are different ways of remote identification, but some of them might take a long time, and accumulate unwanted errors, and many other issues, to end all those problems, a modern improvised verification mechanism is initiated for remote checking by maintaining the comfort of clients as well as the process experts that is a KYC video identification solution. Its use is grooving high in all businesses for valid authentication and in real-time. Moreover, this mechanism is extremely safe and convenient for all businesses to enroll legal customers by validating them digitally with the help of video calls and checking the document through the camera, which is carried by KYC expertise.  KYC Video is supporting all Fintech organizations in getting the legal end-users. Furthermore, this mechanism takes the support of anti-money laundering and knows your customer compliance for the verification of end-users in online businesses by calling live to the clients and supervising them and their documents in the shortest time span. Moreover, clients are also bound to answer some crucial questions asked by the KYC experts in person, and meanwhile recognize their actions and facial expressions.    

How KYC Video Solution Is Separate From A Usual KYC Regulation?

The practice of KYC for the transactions of money and other methods, there are several tactics. As is discussed previously, know your customer (KYC) is the possess of authentication of clients as per recommendations of all administrative entities through a video call, but on the other side, the common KYC method bound the end-users to submit the information that has been asked and a selfie photo that should be clicked on spot. 

Why Is Video Chat Id Verification Significant For FinTech Organizations? 

Online video identification solutions for FinTech industries manage the stability between the certainty of the digital world and the experience of the customers. There are tremendous benefits of this video-based KYC compliance for all financial industries; 

Save Time And Money

To verify identity through Video call is an efficient process that conserves time and is also economical, practiced by all monetary systems for the authentication of the uniqueness of the end-users.

Modify Digital Security 

The uncertainties of scams and the complex entities are restricted through online video call verification, in which the data of fraudulent individuals is used by scammers to make an entry into the digital monetary systems through such fake documentation. Moreover, this procedure of verification also validates the body language of an individual and analyzes the credentials in real-time to restrict digital scams.

Enhance Customer Experience 

To authenticate an entity by presenting their identity documents to the camera the KYC video identification is performed. Some questions are also asked by KYC authorities from clients which they defend to prove their genuineness. Furthermore, the presented credentials by clients are double-checked through document authentication and face verification process.  

A Walkthrough of Online Video Identification 

Video chat Id verification is vividly serving its extravagant services remotely to all businesses, as well as it is specifically performed in FinTech industries for the safety purpose from fake entities entering a system for their illicit and inhuman desires, for that means verifying identity through video call is performed by the following steps given below;    

  • In the initial step, clients are restricted to fill the representative form
  • The second step is to connect with the customers through video call for online verification after registration which has been done firstly
  • Then, the customers are observed keenly and the liveness deduction is performed to assure the presence of clients at the time of verification
  • In the fourth step, sensitive credentials of the clients are obtained for further verification 
  • After it, the end-user is asked to show both sides of the identity document, that might be the passport, national identity card, or a driving license  
  • In last, with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning identity authentication solution, the identity certificates are being validated

In A Nutshell

In concluding the whole above discussed conversation it is analyzed that video identification is playing its prestigious role in combating all financial frauds and money laundering, to maintain the status and productivity of all businesses worldwide. This procedure provides the results in real-time with authenticity, as well as builds the trust level of end-users.  

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