Huge titan and Rod Reiss titan size explained AOT

What is a Huge titan?

Huge Titan in Attack on Titan is a different term used to describe Colossal Titan. Huge Titans are also the most vital and most significant type, not including Rod’s unique 120-meter form. The Titan was said to be stronger than the Colossal Titan in terms of pure power. Although not confirmed, Titans are also thought to be the most potent titanic form.

What’s the truth behind this Huge Titan?

The Huge Titan didn’t resemble any form of Titan before. It had highly long limbs, dark-colored skin, and was not carrying around its nape. Neck bones were sticking out above its shoulders, which led fans to think it could be an abnormal “Eldian” titan.

Huge Titan is actually a Huge Rod Reiss titan!

This Huge Titan shares similarities to the regular Titans found in Attack On Titan, but it has many characteristics that make it different. According to Isayama, one of these characteristics is its long limbs. Rod Reiss’s Titan also shared the same long limbs and dark-colored skin.

Rod Reiss Titan is a result of Historia’s “Beast Titan” genes!

The recent chapter revealed that Historia possesses the power of the Beast Titan from her mother, Alma. It’s possible that she inherited this from her mother, Alma. Rod Reiss Huge Titan is also a result of Beast Titan genes. This makes Historia the only known person to have inherited both powers from her mother and father!

Rod Reiss Huge Titan might have been using this form to approach Orvud District safely.

The Huge Rod Reiss titan doesn’t bother attacking or killing other humans. This makes us wonder if it’s possible that this Huge Titan is not controlled by the will of Rod Reiss but using it as a way to approach Orvud District without being detected.

Huge Titan might be used as a weapon by Marley!

Chapter 90 revealed that Marley has been secretly investigating the power of the “Coordinate” and starts searching for ways to use it. Huge Titan might be one of their targets, just like Eren and Historia!

Why is the Huge Titan so huge? Can Rod Reiss become more extensive than his Huge Titan form? What’s up with all those people turned into Titans by Eren Yaeger, and now they are as big as Huge Titans?

Questions like these make some fans curious about the extent of Huge Titans forms. If you think there is no correct answer, you are wrong.

Huge Titan was created when Grisha Yeager turned into a titan in his mission to wipe out all the Eldian people living in Paradis Island at the year 845 (about 50 years before the beginning of AOT). Huge Titan size is estimated about 60 meters tall. But why is Titan so huge? Why is Huge Titan about 100 meters or 300 feet taller than average Titans? No one can answer this question. The Manga and Anime gave no answers at all. Titan’s size was never explained in the series, but we can imagine Titan has a huge body like adult elephants (about 5-6 meters wide and 7-8 meters height).

Huge Titan appearance has never been explained in the Manga or Anime. Titan’s eyes, body size, and shape are not mentioned nor drawn too much attention to be described. Titan’s body is all black with no skin detail, which makes it look more like a shadow even if they are moving around. Titan doesn’t have any facial expression showing any feelings and emotions (primarily Huge Titan’s face is all black like the rest of Titan’s body).

Huge Titan has no muscle definition or facial expressions to express any feelings. Titan looks like a shadow that only goes straight ahead, following its orders without considering dangerous situations such as obstacles in front, buildings collapse, etc. Titan has never shown any feelings or emotions, and Titan doesn’t need to eat, drink, sleep and breathe. Titan only exists to carry out its missions following orders from the Founding Titans. Titan can be compared to a weapons machine without any sentience but only obeying orders from superior beings.

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Manga Spoilers for Huge Titan

Attack on Titan Season 2 Manga Spoilers Huge Titan and Rod Reiss titan size explained

As the manga approaches its climax, it is time to re-evaluate some of the things Eren has seen thus far. The first arc brings us an exciting story that leads many to believe Titans are indeed being created from the ground up. But this is not entirely true.

In chapter 57, we have a conversation between Hange and Zeke. It’s crucial to remember that Titans are essentially composed of a material called “chalk” or “concrete.” This keyword hints at what makes up their bodies.

A key detail in this chapter and others is that Titans can self-repair their bodies. This is how they continue to move even when decapitated, cut in half, or have limbs wholly blown off. It’s also pretty much the reason we see them regularly eating humans – for the nutrients.

Not only do we learn another critical point about Titan shifting, but we also get another clue about how they are formed. Ymir can solidify the body of Zeke using sand

There is only one other place in history where something like this occurred. Rod Reiss’ titan form was essentially created after he ate his son. The physical features appear very similar, so it must be the same method. In both instances, a titan shifter consumed humans and then made a giant form from the material that was absorbed during transformation.

During Eren’s flashback, Rod Reiss’ Titan represents his mother – The Female Titan who stole him away when he was younger. This Huge Titan is something we’ve never seen before, causing some to be skeptical of its authenticity.

Final Conclusion

With all of that being said, I conclude that Rickert is a half-Ackerman and thus cannot transform into a Huge Titan. Since his sister has been “taken away” by Grisha Yeager, this leads me to believe her parents were either relatives of the Ackermans or she was adopted from somewhere else. In any case it isn’t likely that they are full-blooded Ackermans as they do not share the ability to resist the Founding Titan’s memory manipulation abilities.

The Rod Reiss titan is also an intriguing case as he is different from all other Titans we have seen in that his size only appears limited when it comes to attacking someone on top of a 50-meter wall. Simone and Historia both state the Rod Reiss Titan seems to be as big as a “100 story building,” and Eren says he is “as tall as the wall.” I would conclude that the height of his body we see in this scene, along with all previous appearances of Titans, is proportionate to his actual size at about 110 meters. This also matches up directly with what Hange Zoë says about him being an abnormal titan who shows no sign of shrinking beyond the 50-meter mark. The only other tidbit we can gather from this scene since it’s difficult for me to determine just how far away they were and where Simone and Eren’s 3DMG anchor points were placed is that it took several seconds after Rod Reniss transformed to reach the ground. I would assume this is because he needed to begin moving downward first before hitting his target, which, if my estimations are correct, should have been close enough for him to do so quickly even over such a long distance.

As an end note, I can’t help but wonder why Historia Reiss seems convinced that Rod will spare her family after eating Eren and all other people in sight once they finally catch up with him. Maybe she’s not as stupid as she look.

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