Levi Ackerman: Everything You Need To Know

Who is Levi Ackerman?

Levi Ackerman is a character from the manga anime Shingeki no Kyojin, which started airing on April 8th, 2013. He is one of the major characters within the series and has been given great popularity as he also appears in most spin-offs related to the main storyline. This bot will be talking about some of the traits that people find attractive about Levi and addressing why he’s so popular.

To start things off, we’ll list the reasons why Levi has become so popular.

One: His excellent leadership skills and ability to lead the scouts corps effectively against titans, saving many lives and having an an amazing control over his squad, the Levi Squad. The Levi Squad is composed of Levi Ackerman and the other members: Petra Rall, Farlan Church, and Oluo Bozado. Levi’s leadership skills are shown when he takes complete control during fights with titans, being calm in any situation, whether it be a life-threatening one or not.

Two: His ability to hide his emotions even with great pain reflects how much strength he has gained over the years of living within the walls and surviving, with most members of his family being killed by titans. He shows this by saying things like ” I’m afraid of disappointing my father ” when in fact, what he’s doing is, hiding his true feelings that he doesn’t show or tell anyone.

Three: Levi has a very muscular build which draws most people to him; due to this, most admirers call themselves Levi fans. This is shown when many fan arts of Levi are marked with this feature emphasized. The black-haired man also has an eye-catching outfit: a loose white shirt under a military green coat with a striped blue hoodie and black pants.

Four: He shows excellent strength by lifting the entire squad over his head without straining himself, being able to kill titans with his blades.

Five: He has a very soft side that most fans adore, shown when he saves Eren Jaeger by risking his life and letting himself be attacked by the same Titan that had just killed all of Levi’s squad.

Now let’s talk about some reasons why people fall for Levi Ackerman so easily.

Levi is often described as cold, calm, collected, and mysterious; these characteristics make him stand out from other characters in the series. This adds to how much fame he has gained since Shingeki no Kyojin was aired in 2013. His looks also draw most people to him and his ability to save Eren Jaeger with the powers he had gained over time made him even more popular.

People usually fall for Levi because of his weird looks and how he seems like a character ever since the anime was released, as many look at him as a strong, silent character. Whether it’s due to his serious personality, which is emphasized in some manga related to Shingeki no Kyojin, or just because of how he acts around others, people have been greatly interested in this black-haired man from head to toe.

A few reasons why people fall for Levi would be:

– The mystery that surrounds him

– His very serious personality

His muscular build shows that he’s strong and very determined when it comes to fighting against titans or protecting the human race.

– His abilities to take control in dangerous situations.

And the list continues, but the most important reason people fall for Levi would be his caring side! Although many think that Levi is a heartless person, they fail to see how much he cares about others, not just Eren Jaeger, who is his friend during their younger days. Levi cares about all members of his squad and even saves Eren from being killed by a titan, allowing him to live further into Shingeki no Kyojin’s storyline.

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How tall is Levi Ackerman

The height of Levi Ackerman is approximate 179 cm/ 5′ 10″.

Who is the Levi Ackerman family? 

His mother’s name is Carla Ackerman, and he has got 2-3 siblings, and I haven’t seen any of them yet. I hope it will be revealed soon, though.

What weapon does Levi Ackerman use to fight the titans?

Trident! It’s special for him and can be folded as well. It looks trident because you know angels (heavenly soldiers) were using that, but I think they made humans use that same weapon against titans? I’m not sure the

Ackerman family is well known to be one of the most vital families because they are all blessed with extra abilities (i think). 

But Levi’s is extraordinary. He can see things before their turn !!! I know! Right? Wow, what a power !!! But I guess that it doesn’t work on everything. You could imagine how useful his ability is when fighting titans, not just detecting but also knowing their next step. But tho he still has some limits to this ability. 

I heard that Titan’s aura could affect him, so maybe that’s another reason he became the best soldier in the military! Because if you have weak spots, then Titan will know !!! So to avoid this, he should probably wear titan-proof gear, or maybe that’s why it’s so important to train hard and become strong.

Back to the Ackerman family, you remember Eren Yeager, right? Yea, i guess it was once announced in one of the chapters that he is also a Levi Ackerman! Then again, his mother might be a relative or something? I’m still worried if there will come some issues between both families since they seem very different in personalities and skills. Well, at least Levi can fight better than eren though it looks like he has more talent in training than Eren.

What do people think about Levi Ackerman?

People think that Levi Ackerman is cold-hearted and proud and has got a very sharp tongue !!!

I do not know how true is this. I’ve seen him so many times with his squad members, and he can still ridicule them without hurting feelings which I found pretty cool.

He’s got extraordinary power, and that’s the only reason people like him because he doesn’t feel emotions as normal humans do.

Some people find it disgusting how he can kill titans whenever, wherever they meet, but others like me think it’s pretty weird too, but if you want something done, you have to do it yourself, right ? or you might end up like one of those Titan’s!!!

The Ackerman family is the most robust and most intelligent alive, but Levi is the best soldier in the whole human race, making him even more special! I don’t know. People say that he has no emotions, but I think there’s another reason why he’s so successful at fighting titans.

He doesn’t feel fear! When you’re not afraid, you can concentrate and kill a titan very fast or run away from it much quicker than other humans because your body won’t slow down !! I checked many chapters and checked how many times Levi was injured during his battle against titans, and I think it’s evident that he isn’t afraid of getting hurt. 

Many people will disagree with me, but I think Levi Ackerman is the perfect soldier in the series! His unique ability, physical skill, and even cold-hearted attitude make him one of the best guys you have ever met in your life !! !!!!

How old is Levi Ackerman?

The age of Levi Ackerman is 21. Let’s hope we’ll see more of Levi Ackerman.

This blog is based on my thought and imagination, so if there are any mistakes, then sorry about that !!!”

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