Saturday, November 26

Little Guide About Liquid Citric Acid – What is it? What are its uses?

Citric acid is one of the most misunderstood ingredients, which is actually quite important in several recipes and cooking techniques. 

We are here to burst the bubble of the misconceptions related to citric acid. In simple words, it is beneficial from a scientific point of view and works its way into the kitchen. In addition, we will touch on some of the nutritional benefits that liquid citric acid offers. 

Let’s learn all about citric acid, starting now!

What is Citric Acid?

Citric acid is considered a weak acid. In other words, its pH level lands somewhere between a three and a six on the list. The acidity level of citric acid is non-corrosive and is mostly used these days in solid, liquid and crystallized forms. 

On the other hand, the liquid citric acid is an odorless food additive with a tart and an acidic taste. Therefore, it is frequently used in preparing foods, beverages and vitamins. In addition, it adds a flavour and works as a preservative. 

What Is The Origin Of Citric Acid?

It is probably something you could have guessed by now! Citric acid was originally derived from several citrus fruits like limes, oranges and lemons. Unfortunately, the extraction process is quite difficult and expensive to perform on a large scale. 

Black mold (a variety of microfungus that produces its conidia in slime heads) produces safe and effective citric acid at an industrial level. It is a process that might seem a little complicated, but it is quite affordable and reliable for everyday use. 

What Are The Uses Of Liquid Citric Acid?

Let’s walk through some other common applications of this common ingredient. 

It’s Usage In Cleaning Products 

Liquid citric acid helps remove tough stains like coffee, chocolate, tea and wine. In addition, it helps in removing the hard water buildup. Always look for citric acid as an ingredient in the home cleaning product you buy. One must not have to worry about any stain on your favourite dress the next time!

Usage In Cooking And Baking 

It is an ingredient that can assist you in creating an excellent piece of salmon or a salad. Citric acid adds the right amount of acid factor to counterbalance the bitterness and contemplate other flavours. Usage of liquid citric acid of food-grade of excellent quality is used in baking for adding a tart flavour to the baked goods. One can add a pinch or two of citric acid instead of lemon juice for making bread without a sourdough starter.

Citric Acid Use As A Preservative

Preservatives may have a bad reputation, but one can rely only on one compound – citric acid. Adding this ingredient extends the shelf life of your favourite food without any adverse effects. It is used as a safe preservative on an industrial level; other than that, it is effective as a preservative in the kitchen.

Where To Shop From?

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