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Kroo, a startup based in London that is based in London, has announced a brand new collection of kitchen appliances called Butcher Tech. The line comprises a selection of products, such as the meat tenderizer, a sausage stuffer, and the bacon press. As per the manufacturer, this line was created to assist cooks at home with cooking the “butchering” of meat. The items are available for purchase from the website of the company. londonbased kroo seriesbutchertechcrunch

Kroo, a London-based startup, has revolutionized the meat industry by introducing its revolutionary ButcherTech Series. The Series comprises a range of products designed to make it simpler and more efficient for butchers and meat processors to work with meat. They are made to reduce time, energy, and money while providing high-quality meat. londonbased kroo seriesbutchertechcrunch

Kroo Series, a London-based company, has created an app to help users locate the lowest prices for poultry and meat. The app, named ButcherTech is free to download through the App Store and Google Play.

ButcherTech is created to help customers save on the cost of their groceries by comparing the prices of nearby butcher shops. The app also provides customers with details on where to find the best prices on poultry and meat.