Looking To Move To NYC: Here Is How You Can Get Your Apartment

Just ask any New Yorker, and they will tell you that NYC is the greatest city to live in. It has better food, enjoyable entertainment, and better than any place on the planet to live. But, just like any new place, you need to give time to adjust.

It is a crazy place where people hustle for work, appointments, meetings, and simply being able to live in NYC. You will be surprised to know just how fast New Yorkers can walk. Perhaps this is the reason why they hate slow walkers.

While you are out there on the streets, be sure to stand off if you want to look into your phone or simply want to tie your shoelaces. And when you are in a group, ensure that you leave enough spaces on the sidewalk for people to pass through.

So, if anyone is moving to NYC, you must remember that you are entering a different world altogether.

How To Get An Apartment In NYC

Renting an apartment in NYC is not easy, especially when you are going all alone. Trying to find an apartment in NYC means you will find numerous dead ends, uninviting spaces, and unrealistic prices.

But, if you know where to find it, finding an apartment that you would love is not entirely impossible.

Below are a few ways to help you get to the right apartment in NYC.

1. Working With Broker

If you do not want to put effort into finding the right apartment for yourself but still want to have the best apartment, then you must look for brokers.

Working with brokers will help you get to the right apartment in no time. In fact, they can also introduce you to fully furnished New York no fee apartments.

The only thing you need to take care of is affording the broker’s fees along with renting the apartment.

2. Consider A Temporary Short Rental

Short rentals are a good option to choose. They are perfect if you are looking for temporary rental apartments. They can be found as having $99 per night. These are perfect solutions if you don’t plan to live in one place for long.

However, here is a warning for you. This is one part of the real estate rental industry that is filled with scams. So, before you can go for a short rental, talk with a local and knows about the red signs.

3. Why Not Go For Condo

The application process is slower compared to other cities. This is because you have to pass a board of interviews, and it’s costlier. However, you can escape these prices with a condo or Co-op.

While most rental apartments limit the year, you can live to 2 -3 years. But with a condo, you can live for 10 years. So, if you are looking for a more permanent living solution, a condo might be the better option.

4. Line Up A Guarantor

Getting an apartment in NYC is quite hard. Even if you have the money to afford the rent, you might find yourself in a tough situation. According to the landlord’s income requirement, you need to have at least 40 times the monthly rent.

If not, you might have to use a guarantor.

A guarantor is someone who lives nearby and has an 80 times income to that of monthly rent. Usually, a guarantor is someone close or a relative.

5. Check The Building Amenities

Finally, once you have got an apartment that you were looking for, go through the available amenities before making purchase decisions.

See whether or not they have a Gym, roof deck, bike storage, and other necessary amenities. In addition, also ensure that you have access to all these amenities mentioned in the lease.

When To Start?

This is an important question that anyone hardly answers – When to start looking for an apartment in NYC.

We believe that starting out 60 days before your move gives you enough time to complete all the processes. However, if you invest your time in the process, even 30 days can be enough.

Moving to NYC is not as simple as you think. It involves many legal processes and documentation. Even if you fall short on one document, you might hit dead ends.

Follow the tips we have listed to get to the apartment you will love.