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Machine 45m Series Sapphire

Machine 45m Series Sapphire
  • PublishedDecember 1, 2022

The Machine 45m Series sapphire comprises a line of high-performance Computer numeric control (CNC) machines made through Yaskawa Motoman. This series was developed for large-scale, heavy-duty machine applications like shipbuilding, energy, aerospace and automotive industries.

The 45m series comprises three models: the 45m, the 55m and the 65m. Each model is distinct by its table length in millimetres. The 45m model is the shortest, with 4500 mm in length, and the 65m model is the longest, with an extended length of 6500 mm.

The machines come with a spindle capable of achieving speeds up to 6000 rpm. They can also be outfitted with a second spindle, extending the speed to 12000 rpm.

The 45m series is fitted with the Yaskawa Motoman exclusive MATRIX controller system. The system provides users with an unbeatable degree of flexibility and efficiency.

The 45m series are among the most efficient and reliable machines available on the present market. They’re built to work in the most demanding conditions and can handle the most difficult challenges in machining.

If you’re searching for equipment that can meet the needs of large-part machine machining, The 45m series is a great option.

Related FAQs

What is the price of the machine? Cost?

The machine is economical and offers a fantastic price for the cost.

What’s the warranty?

The machine comes with a one-year guarantee.

How big is the device?

The machine measures 45m in length, 45m wide and high.

What is the mass of the device?

The machine weighs 45kg.

Which is your machine’s power usage?

The machine draws 1kw energy.

What is the sound level on the equipment?

This machine comes with a sound of 45 decibels.

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