Moissanite Engagement Ring – A Choice Between Two Beautiful Stones

Moissanite is one of the rarest gemstones. It was first discovered in deposits of what is now Mexico. The stones were thought to be formed when volcanic activity created an explosive vapor. When the molten material cooled, and crystalized, it formed the rare crystals that are coveted by collectors.

The promise stone is cut to show a star-shaped pattern. These are the only cut details visible on a stone as a carat. This star shape often appears as a small black dot on top of a brightly colored background. Because of this, the promise Moissanite engagement ring creates a contrast between the bright colors and the black dot. It gives the diamond and the setting a contrast that enhances the color and beauty of the gemstone.

A promise ring with a single diamond offers a bold contemporary look. When a gemstone is added, such as a sapphire or Moissanite, the style can be more detailed. Settings can be designed to emphasize the stone’s color or pattern. Either way, the star-shaped pattern and the rich, bold color make this a fabulous addition to any engagement ring set.

Many women prefer a promise ring without a diamond. Because these promise rings do not contain diamonds, they are less expensive than the diamond engagement rings. They also are easier to customize and have a wider color palette. Since women sometimes have very specific tastes when it comes to diamonds, the promise ring may be more well received than the diamond rings.

Some consumers have requested that the color of their diamonds be added to the ring. If this is done, the gemstone’s color must meet the legal definition of a natural color. Natural colors are determined by the mineral content of a stone and are nowhere near the shades that are available in diamonds. While the consumer may choose a different colored gemstone for appearance purposes only, it may still not be classified as a natural diamond.

Moissanite is a semi precious gemstone that is mined in Brazil. Because of its light weight, it was often used in ancient civilizations as a substitute for other stones. It has found extensive use in jewelry settings today, including promise rings. As a result of the promise ring’s contemporary look. It is often paired with smaller diamonds.

The cut, clarity, color, and carat of a promise ring can vary greatly. The cost will also vary widely. A ring that costs thousands of dollars is often sold for a few hundred dollars. A promise ring that costs under a thousand dollars is often custom made, with a lower carat, higher clarity, and a unique design. Some promise rings have a central diamond, which has several smaller diamonds surrounding it, to give the appearance of several diamonds on the ring.

When selecting a promise ring set with moissanite, the consumer will want to take the stone’s color into consideration. A yellow gold promise ring will make the stone appear brighter, but the pinkish tone of the gem may cause the ring to seem like it is bluer. The most appropriate color for a promise ring should match the birthstone for the wearer. Many promise rings have diamonds on their bands, but they may not be the traditional round diamond. A half-round or square cut diamond can often look as if it is part of the engagement ring and worn in place of the main stone.

Another concern when choosing promise rings is the transparency of the stone. These coated stones are less expensive than those that do not have this coating, but the results are not always as attractive. A full transparency stone that is cut to show off its brilliance can cost thousands of dollars.

Moissanite is not the best choice for a sapphire engagement ring. The intense colors of sapphires makes them difficult to hold onto, while the porous nature of moissanite makes it vulnerable to moisture and scratches. Sapphires have a very desirable appearance, though, and many couples opt to use a promise ring that has sapphire cut into the band rather than a moissanite promise ring. Either way, a promise ring that contains sapphires is an extremely beautiful stone.

Moissanite promise rings can be stunningly beautiful and affordable. In fact, many couples choose these rings as their wedding rings.

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