Most Advanced Safety Trainers Available

Safety is important in all walks of life, but particularly so on the more hazardous job sites – like construction work, commercial fishing, and many other areas of work. However, what has long been a hindrance to some workers has now been revolutionised! The humble work boot used to be the only game in town when it came to workplace foot safety. 

However, there were numerous complaints from the industry that the boots were too heavy, too clunky, ill-fitting, uncomfortable and just generally made life more difficult – despite being steel-toed and generally a very safe option for workers. Enter the humble safety trainer, innovation in design and style which combined all of the comfort and lightweight nature of trainers, with the safety elements necessary for dangerous environments like construction job sites and many other places.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of safety trainers, RS Components have many options for you and why they’re a great fit for your next work-safe shoe.

V12 Safety Trainers

V12, a UK-based safety footwear production company came out with the V12 201, 202, and 203 model safety trainers. These were nominated for the Best Innovation at the Professional Clothing Awards in 2019, their safety trainers all come with steel toecaps, and anti-slip technology in the sole, to prevent slippages on oils and other liquids. They’re also breathable and lightweight while offering fantastic waterproofing capability.

CAT Streamline Safety Trainers

Made by the American-based company, Caterpillar, the CAT Streamline safety trainers are some of the best safety trainers on the market. They’re sacrificing steel toe caps for the lighter weight 200J composite material – offering a slightly softer toe cap, though it’s no less capable! The soles are rated for the extreme heat of up to 300℃. They come with a reinforced heel that’s shock-absorbent and an anti-static sole.

Solid Gear Revolution 2

New this year from Solid Gear, the Revolution 2 safety trainer is the latest in a line of fantastic safety gear! The shoe has a stretchable upper mesh material that combines comfort, breathability and flexibility with water-resistant CORDURA technology. The sole of the Revolution 2 is slip-resistant and its mid-sole is made of composite to protect against nail penetration. Meanwhile, the toe cap is made from a different material than traditional safety shoes, being 40% stronger than fibreglass, while being lighter than other non-metallic toe-cap options.

Scruffs Argon Metal 

Scruffs’ Argon Metal safety trainers have it all. They’re lightweight and breathable, while being made of a composite toe and midsole – meaning they offer protection underfoot as well as on top. The thick mid-layer sole includes shock-absorption materials to allow for maximum comfort and continuous wear, day after day. The reinforced heel is another benefit. The only pitfall is that they’re not water-resistant. However, if you have a spray-on water repellent, then that shouldn’t be an issue.

If you’re looking for something to replace the heavy, clunky boots that you’ve been trudging around in for months on end, a lightweight pair of safety trainers may just be the answer you’ve been looking for.