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Most Effective Guide to Stop Hair Fall: Hair Growth Serums

Most Effective Guide to Stop Hair Fall: Hair Growth Serums
  • PublishedApril 11, 2022

Hair loss is not a pleasant sight for both men and women. Losing a bunch of strands every time one brushes their hair can feel like a nightmare. Although excessive hair fall is a severe condition, it is not the end of the world! There are possibilities to curb hair loss by following a tailored hair care routine. One should start with picking out the most suitable shampoo and conditioner to wash the hair twice or thrice a week. However, cleansers are not enough to put an end to hair fall! One needs to use a hair growth serum that promotes better growth.

For one to see a difference in their hair condition, it is not enough to reduce hair fall. One also needs to work on promoting better hair growth and increasing the volume. If the scarred and damaged hair follicles are not repaired within time, they may fail to grow new strands. Incorporate a hair growth serum in the daily routine to rejuvenate hair roots and strengthen them. The only concern is picking out the best serum available in the market that meets the quality standards of hair care products. Let us understand how to use a serum to treat hair fall. 

Nurturing the hair from roots to tips is essential for healthy and voluminous hair! 

Factors To Consider While Buying A Hair Growth Serum

Without a proper hair growth serum, enjoying the beauty of healthy and lustrous hair can be a challenge! One must look out for the given ingredients in the composition of hair serum to see visible results. 

3% Redensyl

Redensyl has proven to be a productive ingredient in curbing hair loss and promoting better hair growth. A 3% content of this ingredient can do wonders for one’s hair condition. Get to visible results in 3-4 months of regular usage from a Redensyl-infused serum.

3% Procapil Actives

As a relatively new and productive formula, Procapil works well with Redensyl to promote hair growth. It is well-known in the beauty and wellness industry for its effectiveness in strengthening hair follicles and promoting hair growth as much as 121%. A small percentage of this compound can help one achieve his hair goals in a matter of a few months.

2% Baicapil Essence

Baicapil is a synergic and productive combination of three plants that help increase hair density. It also improves hair texture and scalp health to a great extent. A few leading beauty and wellness brands have recognized the benefits of this newly found ingredient. Every person looking for a hair growth serum should check the presence of this compound in the composition.

The Texture of The Serum

The texture of the serum affects its effectiveness since the absorbance level of the serum must be high for best results. One should go for water-based serums that absorb well into the scalp. These serums are also easy to use with the help of spray bottles!

Simple Tips To Prevent Hair Loss Effectively

A major part of the hair care routine is doing everything possible to reduce hair fall. Persistent hair loss can be stressful and a prime reason for visible bald patches. Here are a few tips one can utilize to prevent chronic hair fall effectively.

  • Shampoo Regularly¬†

Cleansing the hair regularly to remove all the dirt remains and pollution from the scalp is a vital part of proper hair care. One should maintain a regular shampoo routine to keep the scalp and hair strands clean and frizz-free.

  • Do Not Overuse Heat Appliances

Overuse of heat appliances does not just damage the hair but also makes them sticky and weak. Although heat protectants work well enough to provide a protective layer, one should limit the usage as much as possible.

  • Apply Hair Growth Serums

The use of moisturizing serums on hair is as important as that of a hair growth serum. The latter serves as a portion of food to the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth. Choose the most credible hair serum available in the market to get the job done! 

  • Brush The Hair Softly

One of the silliest mistakes we tend to make is brushing our hair vigorously using plastic combs. This process can make the hair static and cause breakage. It is better to use a wooden comb and brush the hair softly from root to tips to promote blood circulation to the scalp. 

Key Takeaways

A hair growth serum or tonic that comprises the goodness of all the given compounds can be highly effective in curbing hair loss and promoting new hair. One must also follow a healthy diet plan, proper hair care routine, good hair habits and harmless cleansers to see a visible difference. It is essential to analyse the composition of every product one applies to the hair. Also, use a serum as instructed on the packaging to ensure following the guidelines of the brand.

The purpose of every hair care product is different. While serums promote new hair growth, shampoos and conditioners clean and protect the existing ones. Therefore, one should not skip any of these items if he wants to stop hair fall effectively!

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