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Norstrat Everything You Need to Know 2021

Norstrat Everything You Need to Know 2021
  • PublishedNovember 18, 2021

Norstrat is a global management consulting company that has more than 300 consultants. Norstrat is based in Canada but serves companies worldwide with offices across USA, Germany, India, Singapore, and United Kingdom.

Norstrat offers five different areas of expertise: Analytics & Strategic Solutions, Digital Transformations, Operations Management Consulting, Technology Partnering, and Workforce Consulting. Nor strat’s clients are mainly medium to large businesses with revenues between $5 million to $18 billion who have recently undergone a significant change or are about to go through one. Nor strat has won multiple awards for excellence, including Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2015 Consultancy of the Year for fastest-growing companies in North America.

What Is Norstrat?

Norstrat is a company located in the United States. It provides healthcare and other government solutions to businesses and citizens of various countries. Nor strat takes pride in its diversity and has become famous for offering services to clients from all over the world.

The History of Norstrat

Before it became what it is today, Norstrat was just another IT consulting firm specializing mainly in local governments. The seeds that would grow into this revolutionary organization were sown back in 1988 when Lee Carson decided to start his own business, an enterprise devoted to helping other companies to solve their computer problems through technology.

What Kind of services is Norstrat providing?

Norstrat Group of Companies offers a variety of services to assist people with various issues. The company provides information on potential security threats and underwater searches and displays. They also provide advice on problems such as the National Energy Act and bidding for large contracts. A series of workshops and conferences on themes relating to the growth of the northern area and the economy’s future is included among these offerings.

What does Norstrat provide in terms of security?

The firm acts as an intelligence gatherer for governments, corporations, law enforcement agencies, insurance companies, financial institutions , and international oil companies. They are most well-known for their work in Canada’s North, but they have also provided help in areas including Peru, Italy, and Mexico.

Norstrat has been involved in several high-profile inquiries, such as the explosion aboard the Bouchard 96 off Cape Spencer (Nova Scotia), the sinking of the Ocean Ranger, and the Air India bombing. The company was also instrumental in locating SS Central America off North Carolina in 1987.

How did Norstrat begin?

In 1986, investors Ron and Sheldon Kroll and entrepreneur Michael J.C. Taylor decided to set up Norstrat Group Inc. This consulting firm would specialize in security threats and underwater disaster recovery. To head it up, they appointed expert Andy Rose, who had worked for Britain’s MI5 spy agency.

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What makes Norstrat a supporter of an organization?

For Norstrat, being able to offer IT services for film teams is a unique opportunity. This activity allows them to make their clients’ problems disappear. It also gives the organization the chance to specialize in this field, making it one of its specialties.

Norstrat has been offering solutions for film teams coming from Italy and Germany since 2002. These are companies that face various very complex issues which need solving immediately. The fact that many of these companies come back repeatedly bears witness to the excellence of the service provided by Nor strat.

The best way of coping with company issues today is through technology. If there are any complications with previous projects – whether due to environmental changes or because an unforeseen event occurs during filming can provide a solution.

One of the main incentives for filming in Italy and Germany is that these countries have a large number of trained IT workers. This makes it easy to solve any problem that might arise during the production process.

How long has Norstrat been offering this service?

Norstrat also organizes festivals throughout Europe where all kinds of exciting initiatives are showcased. Every year they host over 300 events organized by independent cultural producers and curators from 31 different countries. These festivals all occur in beautiful locations, including museums and historic buildings or sites that typically attract tourists.

Aim of Nostrate

Nor strat is a consulting firm that secures funding and management for first-time or emerging businesses. This technology company provides long-term support to their clients; they aim to build relationships with all their present and future stakeholders. Nor strat specializes in infrastructure projects funded by the Canadian government. They serve as an advisory board for these businesses providing them with business development services such as financial plan development, project planning, and administration.

Which organization helped in developing Nostrate?

Norstrat was created by a group of Canadian military veterans and business executives passionate about the country’s development. It also teaches its clients business and communication skills. In addition, the organization provides a wide range of services.

Where does Norstrat operate?

Norstrat operates in Canada and Australia and offers advice and services to international companies that invest in these countries. The organization has over three decades of experience working with corporations worldwide.


Nor strat is an unmatched provider of highly reliable solutions for the Canadian field. The company offers comprehensive certification services as well as technical assistance. It serves countless Canadian administrations to become one of their most essential providers.

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