Nylon Puppy Harness: Find the Perfect Option for Your Pet

There are constant disputes about what ammunition can and can’t be worn on dogs. But only a specialist can tell you precisely whether a nylon dog harness https://waudog.com/collections/harnesses-nylon is needed in your case. But still, most dog breeders prefer it. Along with collars, harnesses for dogs are often used for training and walking with a pet. The best dog harnesses have long overtaken collars in popularity. They carry the same functions and provide control of a four-legged friend on the street, but because of their shape, nylon harness dog models are much safer from a physiological point of view.

In some cases, choosing a nylon dog harness is the only right decision due to a weak neck or injury. The harness is attached to the chest part of the dog, evenly distributes the load, and doesn’t harm the spine. Harnesses for dogs have many variations in shapes, materials, and colors.


What Are the Types of Harnesses?

There are a lot of names of harnesses. Which one to choose?

  • A walking harness from WAUDOG is the most common accessory, often made of thin material, such as nylon or leather.
  • A riding harness for dogs is one of the very first varieties of a harness. It is a more complex system of belts and pieces of cloth, involving the assembly of dogs in one chain for sports or harness racing. The material for such harnesses is often canvas and nylon. These accessories are designed for large sled dogs like huskies and malamutes.
  • A weighted harness is used to train the physical qualities of dogs when necessary to develop them better for competitions. It prevents dogs from jumping high and forces them to stay closer to the ground. It is suitable for large and medium breeds.
  • A customized harness-vest is a more advanced version of a harness that looks like an element of cotton outerwear. It is designed for small/medium-short and hairless breeds, helping warm dogs in the cold season.
  • A guard harness has increased strength. It consists of 2 or more layers of reinforced material with stitched straps and metal rings. Such personalized harnesses don’t constrain the movements of dogs on duty.
  • The puppy harness from WAUDOG is a lighter version of the harness designed for walking. When can a puppy wear the harness? Not earlier than from the age of six months, since puppy muscles and bones are not yet as strong as those of an adult dog. Moreover, you can customize it and put a trinket with a puppy’s name on it.

Advantages of a Nylon Puppy Harness

It should be understood that the harness is a kind of ammunition. The use of a nylon harness from WAUDOG has its positive aspects:

  • Versatility. The owner can choose a suitable product for a puppy of any breed, regardless of its size;
  • A rich selection of materials, an extensive palette of colors, and an impressive size range;
  • Comfort for the pet. The dog harness nylon doesn’t squeeze the trachea during a sharp jerk and doesn’t cause pain or discomfort;
  • Uniform load on the spine;
  • The possibility of training the musculoskeletal system when using a weighted model.

Usage Tips

First, you need to give a puppy the opportunity to get acquainted with the new ammunition: let the dog sniff it first. You need to show the puppy that this thing is safe. Then, taking it in your hands, lightly rub it on the dog’s head, neck, and back. After that, you need to let the dog sniff the harness again.

If the pet has calmed down and doesn’t show fear, it should be praised and rewarded with treats. If the dog doesn’t dare to put its head through the appropriate hole, you need to put a hand with a treat there, and the pet, reaching for a treat, will stick its head into it on its own.

To place the pet’s paws in the holes, raise your hand up. While the pet is standing still, attracted by the treat, quickly move one of its paws into the appropriate hole. Then do the same with the second paw.

So, by training a puppy every day, you can accustom it to a new type of custom equipment from WAUDOG.