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Old Grannies Meme Explained? Trend On Social Media Platforms

Old Grannies Meme Explained? Trend On Social Media Platforms
  • PublishedDecember 13, 2021

What is the Old Grannies meme?

The Old Grannies meme is a series of pictures featuring two older women with shocked expressions. The images are typically captioned with funny statements or questions.

Where did the Old Grannies meme come from?

The first picture of the two old women was posted to QuickMeme in November of 2017. The photo was captioned, “When your daughter says she’s going out with her friends.” The picture went viral and spawned many variations.

What are some examples of Old Grannies memes?

Some examples of Old Grannies memes include: “When you tryna watch Netflix, and your grandma asks for the remote,” “When you’re trying to build a pillow fort, and your grandma comes downstairs,” and “When you leave for half an hour and come back to find that your grandma made herself at home.”

What is the story of the older women featured in Old Grannies memes?

The two older women featured in Old Grannies Meme are Ruth and Iris. Iris is about 73, and Ruth is 86.

Iris Lemare, the woman on the right, is a British author known for her works of fiction. Lemare’s books often revolve around family, life choices and personal relationships. Ruth Williams is an 87-year older woman who recently found out she has become a viral sensation thanks to some funny pictures taken by her granddaughter Rebekah Gooley. Williams says she was amused when she first saw her photos that went viral on Twitter. She said, ‘I do find it quite amusing really – I’ve had people ringing me up all day asking if I am okay.”

Why Do Social Media Users Like Old Granny Clips?

There’s something inexplicably funny about watching old ladies dancing and lip-syncing to popular songs on TikTok. But what is the origin of the “Old Grannies” meme?

The first known reference to the “Old Grannies” meme was in a tweet from user @FenrirLupus on November 12, 2018. The tweet featured a clip of two older women dancing to the song “In My Feelings” by Drake.

Since then, the Old Grannies meme has taken off on social media, with users posting clips of their elderly relatives dancing to popular songs. While it’s not clear why the Old Women meme is so popular, it may have to do with the fact that many of those featured in these videos are seniors enjoying life and not taking themselves too seriously.

Old Granny TikTok:

The old lady TikTok meme is a funny joke on how grandmothers and older women would be very old and weird if we had social media when they were younger.

So What Kind Of Response Did These Funny Old Grandpa Videos Get?

The response to the old grannies videos was pretty mixed. Some people loved them and found them hilarious, while others thought they were sexist, ageist, and inappropriate. However, most people seemed to agree that they were funny in a weird way.

What Exactly Is The Old Grannies Meme?

So what is the old grannies meme? It’s a series of short videos of older women dancing and singing along to popular songs. The videos are usually set in someone’s home or backyard and feature the grandma or grandpa doing things like twerking, dabbing, and lip-syncing.

Why Are People Calling It A Meme?

The term “meme” describes a trend or phenomenon that spreads online. Usually, memes are funny or ironic images or videos that are shared on social media. The old grannies videos have been labelled a meme because they have gone viral and shared by many people online.


So, there you have it – the story behind the ‘Old Grannies’ TikTok meme. What started as a seemingly innocuous joke has quickly become one of the most popular memes on the internet, with users all over the world sharing their spin on the gag.

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