Reviews Of The Best Belts For Men

1. Pioneer Belt by Red Wing Heritage

Materials: 100% Premium Full Grain Leather | Buckle: Single Prong | Color Variants: 3 | Sizes Available: 5
Do one thing and do it really well—and that couldn’t hold truer when it comes to the Red Wing Heritage Company.
Known for their flagship boots that will last a lifetime, they bring this same craftsmanship to their Pioneer Belt.
From the onset, this belt looks boring–truly; it’s just a strip of leather with a plain brass buckle.
But it’s when you jump into the details do you fully appreciate the craftsmanship behind the scenes.
Built from premium full-grain leather that has been sourced from the SB Foot Tannery, this leather was tanned in a way that not only delivers incredible strength but will simply get better with time.
At a comfortable 1.5″ belt width and hand-burnished edges that are slightly rounded, the belt won’t ever feel uncomfortable while wearing; in fact, just the opposite.
Just like a proper pair of Red Wing Heritage shoes, this belt will continue to darken and get better with age.


Best leather belt money can buy
No frills and will feel comfortable while wearing
Made in the USA


It’s expensive (but worth it)
What You Need To Know
If you want a no-frills belt that will last a lifetime, this is the one. It’s made from the highest grade of leather and will only get better with time. Besides, the belt makes in the USA.
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2. Allen-Edmonds Men’s Manistee

Materials: 100% Full Grain Leather | Buckle: Single Prong | Color Variants: 3 | Sizes Available: 7
For the men who are wearing a quality pair of dress pants daily and are looking for a belt that will withstand the daily wear and tear, then the best pick for you will be the Manistee by Allen Edmonds.
Beloved by men primarily for their incredible leather dress shoes, the Manistee full grain leather belt is the perfect, yet functional, accessory to your wardrobe.
At 1.5″ wide, it’s rather wide for a dress belt but one that will feel comfortable all day long, especially if you are sitting in back-to-back meetings.
While the materials in this belt should easily last you a decade, the buckle itself is also of timeless design that will never fall out of style with the trends.
Polished silver, it provides a clean and neutral accent that can easily complement any color blazers, trousers, or non-iron dress shirts that you are wearing.
Like all full-grain leather products, color choices will limit. With the Manistee, you can choose between three different colors (Black, Walnut, Brown) and 7 waist sizes (32″ to 44″).


Full-grain leather
The design is timeless and clean
Made in the USA
Perfect for the men who need to dress up every day for work.


Size selection somewhat limited for larger men
What You Need To Know
If you want quality and don’t mind paying a bit extra for a dress belt, this full grain leather belt by Allen Edmonds is a great pick.

3. 2-Ply Tactical Cobra Belt by Klik Belts

Materials: Super Duty Nylon Webbing (MIL-SPEC) | Buckle: Cobra Buckle | Color Variants: 4 | Sizes Available: 4
Sure, while the daily grind of your life will likely never call for a super-duty MIL-SPEC nylon webbed belt (you just never know), EDC fans will instantly fall in love with this 2-Ply Tactical Cobra Belt by Klik Belts.
Available in four sweet colors and at four different sizes – you have access to a belt that construct to withstand 4,000 lbs. of force.
But what really makes this belt really unique beyond the military-grade fabric is the buckle itself.
The anodized aluminum buckle is quick release and constructed from stainless steel (never any worry about rust) and consider to be some of the strongest and safest in the world.
While we understand that you aren’t looking for new climbing gear or head to a war zone, you will be happy to know that when going to “take a leak”, you can simply use one hand to detach the buckle and let the main vein flow.
When it comes to comfort, the 2-Ply Tactical Cobra is 1.5″ wide and will rest comfortably on your waist.
Adjusting the belt is also a breeze.
Lastly, the Klik belt makes in the U.S. and features a lifetime guarantee.


Can withstand a ton of abuse
Made in the USA
Lifetime guarantee


Not suited for formal settings
What You Need To Know
This is the perfect belt for men who love EDC or military-grade offerings. The material can (and will) withstand a ton of abuse. The lifetime guarantee is also a nice touch.

4. YOSAR Guide Belt by Arcade Belt Co.

Materials: Nylon / Leather / Alloy | Buckle: Loop | Color Variants: 1 | Sizes Available: 41″
There is a whole lot to love in this adventure belt by Arcade Belt Co.
But what caught our attention first was the noble cause behind the belt.
The YOSAR Guide belt is “Dedicated to the men and women who perform daring rescues at a moment’s notice in Yosemite National Park” (YOSAR).
Every year, the YOSAR saves an average of 200 lives. These are men and women who either planned improperly, pushed themselves beyond the limits, or somehow or another found themselves in a precarious situation.
The YOSAR plunges into these dangerous situations, be it on the side of a cliff, water, deep wood hiking trail, etc. to do their job.
With every belt sold, 10% of the sale goes directly to YOSAR, making this the only belt on our list that doesn’t go into some corporate executives’ pocket.
Now causes aside, there is still a ton to love about this belt, especially for casual weekend wear.
Crafted from ballistic nylon coupled with premium leather accents and an alloy buckle, it is built to last.
In addition to the quality materials, the nearly tactical look is great for men who are a bit more utilitarian and want a bit more from their accessories.
With a “one size fits all” approach, there may be a bit of extra tongue on the belt should you run a bit slimmer. The belt is 41″ in length and should be okay for men with 34″ waists and larger.


A belt that raises money for a cause
Made from high-grade materials that can wash easily
Cool tactical/military look


Limited size options (only 1)
Can’t really dress up for semi-formal occasions
What You Need To Know
It’s a really cool belt that attaches to a noble cause. Naturally, the nylon and alloy buckle make this only good for casual wear. We wish there were a few sizes available.

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