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Voodoo Computers CEO Rahul Sood has transformed the company from a desktop-gaming company to a laptop business. He still remembers his original promise of transforming desktop gaming. Voodoo will continue to be the stamp of HP on HP products.

Voodoo is a voodoo game starring Rahul Sood

Rahul Sood the founder and CEO of Irreverent Labs, is a venture-backed startup that creates computer games. VoodooPC has received $40 million in funding. He also co-founded it. This company is creating a game that combines elements of cockfighting and arena fighting with breeding to make it an extraordinary experience.

MechaFightClub, a game of robot cockfighting, is available.

In an SEC filing, the makers of MechaFightClub have raised $40 million. NFTs and blockchain power the game’s mecha bots. Each chicken can be unique, and players can buy or sell characters to make their own money. These characters can also be used to fight with mecha bots and have war powers.

The game takes place in 2065, a dystopian future where extraterrestrial mechabots have been abandoned by humanity and are used as entertainment. The mech bots look like chickens and battle in an arena. Each character starts as an egg and then evolves into fighting bionic creatures. The game will launch in the spring of 2022.

Blockchain technology is used to track players’ progress. Players can also sell their fighters for profit. Irreverent Labs raised $40 million in venture capital for its MechaFightClub gaming platform. A former employee of Microsoft Ventures and co-founder of Voodoo PC, Unikrn and Warhammer founded the company. Blockchain technology is used to create the game, as well as collectibles. It has a similar game system to Warhammer and Heroclix.

Although this game isn’t based on actual cockfighting, it shares some similarities. You can train your robots, and they will have their fighting styles, abilities and preferences. MechaFightClub uses the Solana blockchain from Irreverent Labs, which facilitates faster transactions.

MechaFightClub shares some similarities with Axie Infinity, a very popular play-to-earn game. Soon, the eggs will come from an alien species. Players will receive crypto rewards for laying eggs. These coins can be used to purchase more birds or to withdraw them from the game. The game aims to get players emotionally attached to their birds. To help them reach their goals, the game’s team has enlisted world-class talent.

Raskino founded a voodoo with sood.

Rahul Sood met Raskino when they first met. They decided to co-found an online game and soon began working together on the same project. They founded Voodoo PC and eventually purchased it from HP. Before leaving Microsoft Ventures to pursue other ventures, Sood was also the global head of Microsoft Ventures. Raskino, Sood, and others are currently working on their game “Irreverent Games” and have partnered with some of the best developers in the world to make it a reality.

Sood is a serial entrepreneur and founded Unikrn, a blockchain-based esports betting firm. With veteran gaming talent, Sood is working on a new project: a play-to-earn game. The game will have AI characters stored on the blockchain as non-fungible tokens.

This game mixes Gundam Wing, Mortal Kombat and Gundam Wing. The game features combat robots that players train. They will develop their fighting styles, preferences and skills. Machine learning is used to give robots lifelike personalities. It has received $5 million in funding, and its developers are located in Ukraine.

Rahul Sood was Vrvana’s first investor

Sood is an entrepreneur and has made many investments over the years. He was the original investor in VR/AR metaverse firm Vrvana. In 2017, Apple acquired the company. Maingear, which makes gaming PCs, also appointed Sood as its chairman.

Sood was the co-founder of VoodooPC before he became the CEO at Vrvana. Hewlett-Packard, around the mid-2000s, later purchased this company. Later, he co-founded Unikrn (a global esports wagering platform), which Entain later acquired. Sood met Bertrand Nepveu (CEO of VRVANA), and they decided to invest in VRVANA’s mixed reality technology. Sood has relaunched the company’s brand and strategy.

His experience as an entrepreneur dates back to his time with Microsoft.Ā 

He started VoodooPC, a gaming company, before joining Microsoft. Hewlett-Packard purchased it in 2008. Rahul Sood left HP to join Microsoft. Later, he became the general manager for the Xbox business and started investing in early-stage startups. He works with over 40 Fortune 500 companies today and visits promising startups.

Sood, a Microsoft Ventures veteran, has deep blockchain experience and expertise. Vrvana will be able to harness the power of NFTs and use the transparency of the blockchain ledger to authenticate digital goods. He also wants the game to incorporate machine learning and decentralized ownership. Sood’s team has deep experience in gaming, machine learning and blockchain. In less than one week, they closed a $5 Million round of funding.

Rahul Sood, a computer genius, is one of my favorite people

Rahul Sood, a computer startup genius, is named. When he founded his company, he was just seventeen years old. He could not vote or drink and needed to be younger for contracts. He didn’t have the money to start his business, so he used a credit card. Although most people believe that startups need venture capital to survive, Rahul Sood’s company was good right from the start and sold to HP for $1B.


A robot cockfighting competition will be featured in the game. MFC doesn’t like gambling but believes it’s appropriate for both games and sports. Whitelisting will be done in January. Players who are whitelisted will receive a Genesis Drop with 6,969 eggs. MFC also has its Discord group. The company hopes to make this a lasting experience.


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