Wednesday, November 29

Secrets of Slots – How to Influence the Probability of Winning

With luck, slot machines at an online casino can make a player wealthy. Is it, however, entirely about luck? This is a question that has piqued the interest of gamblers all around the world. Some people try to beat video slots by employing specific techniques, while others focus on the developer’s features.

All gamers share one desire: to discover the true secrets of bj strategy in Ca that influence their chances of winning. All of these questions will be addressed in this review. So, keep reading and learn how to boost your odds.

How Can You Increase Your Slots Winnings?

You can watch the reels spin for as long as you want and try to come up with a winning strategy, but it’s unlikely that you’ll be successful. Understanding how slot machines function and the features that allow you to win more frequently are significant. These opportunities are built into the games by the developers.

Free Spins

Free spins and respins are two of the most popular bonus features. The value of the bet is not taken from the account during these free spins. In actuality, the player is compensated by the casino. Free spins are awarded when a particular number of special symbols are collected on the playing field, and re-spins are awarded when certain requirements are met. Free spins are awarded at the same rate as the player’s previous wagering before earning the bonus.

Paid Bonuses

Bonus rounds provide players with the chance to earn large sums of money. However, you may need to make more than one hundred spins to obtain them. However, with some devices, players can employ paid alternatives to control the frequency of specific incentives:

  • Buying bonuses. The gambler makes a predetermined payment and is guaranteed to receive a bonus. For example, in Big Time Gaming’s White Rabbit slot, a player can wager x100 and receive 15 free spins;
  • Increasing the chance of getting bonuses. This function does not guarantee that bonus modes will be enabled, but it does enhance the chances of them being active. In some slots, for example, a bigger stake increases the player’s chances of triggering the bonus and doubling their earnings during free spins. The premium Golden Bet option in Yggdrasil Gaming’s Golden Fish Tank slot allows you to trigger an additional prize feature during free spins.

Re-spinning of particular reels or paid respin is one of the types of paid bonuses. Microgaming’s Reel Gems, Bikini Party, and Break da Bank Again Respin slots, in particular, have this feature. In this situation, the cost of a spin is determined by the number of probable winnings. If the chances of winning a large jackpot are high, a single-reel respin can be several times more expensive than a conventional spin.

Secrets of Slot Machines Top Providers

Speaking about the secrets in online slots, it is impossible to ignore the gaming machines of such industry leaders as Microgaming, NetEnt, Play’n GO, etc. The slots of these developers allegedly have secret combinations, bugs, and winning bet sequences. There are three types of “secrets”:

  • A sequence of actions in bonus games. Gamblers are invited to open safes, pull ropes, open barrels, etc. in the given order. Allegedly, this guarantees the successful completion of the round. At the same time, advice on different sites differs from each other.
  • Increasing rates according to a given scheme. Variations may be different, but the essence is the same – you need to gradually increase the cost of rotation and the number of involved lines. Experienced gamblers claim that this increases the chances of hitting a big jackpot.
  • Playing at maximum stakes. There is a legend that some slots have a bug, and if you make big bets in them, then the chances of hitting a combo with the highest odds increase. Of course, this is a myth, but in some slots, it is really more profitable to play with large bets.


Summing up this review, it is worth noting that in addition to all of the above, the real secrets of video slots are hidden inside the program code. But even without knowing about them, you can use the features of the devices to your advantage. It is enough to understand the rules and understand the essence of bonus features. The main thing is to apply the acquired knowledge wisely and not to try to deceive the casino.