Some quirky t-shirt ideas as a marketing weapon

The meaning of “cool graphic t-shirts” keeps changing and is now a subjective statement. Over time new things come up in the market and the entire system turns upside down with different colour schemes, patterns, slogans, images, and funny quotations. Where some tees have good learning to show the others are simply for fun purposes. But as quirky as it may sound, t-shirts having different ideas have been used as marketing weapons. The more stylish or quirky your tee looks, the more eyes it attracts.

Not just that, being creative in the middle portion of the t-shirt is also outdated nowadays. You will have to think differently even in placing the content be it an image or a text. Creative ideas are now the key to getting better sales and the important part is that you don’t necessarily have to write. Here are some amazing ideas that have not only been used in branded tees but also in branding hoodies and other apparel.

Nowadays, we have so many reversible wearables and all of them are too good. But initially, There  when it started with t-shirts, it was done on many occasions. From FIFA cup to cricket World Cup to other events like concerts; people started wearing those. Initially funny t shirts having hilarious images came to existence then sport stars got their image on the flip side and then a lot of permutations and combinations were made to create offspring of this kind of tee. But more or less this amazing idea spread like a forest fire once it started featuring some popular footballers.

A lot of people found it cool and it got the traction it always wanted. People started buying tee having their favourite footballer across the world making this idea big. Therefore, the way creators took a chance to break the shackles is something that made the difference. They didn’t go the traditional way rather chose to stand out of the crowd. Another thing that worked in favour of the creators is the use of footballers that are liked by people across the world.

  • Measuring your sweat

You might have seen a lot of types of sweat measuring t-shirts and the best part is it remained that way. You only get these types of t-shirts and nothing else. Usually worn by gym enthusiasts and athletes, this is one of the hot-selling t-shirts because of the idea behind it. In this t-shirt, whenever you sweat your tee colour gets darker and there is a quotation that comes forward when you drench your tee in sweat. Something like “10 ml of sweat” or “You can now go home” is printed on these t-shirts.

Mostly you will see this type of t-shirt of grey colour. This is because reading the content becomes easier on such colours and grey is a sober colour. Although no one knows how accurate and what the funda behind this idea was, it sure looks cool when someone wears a t-shirt of that kind.

  • A branding t-shirt

This has now become a generic and a very common thing in the market but the bigger brands started doing such marketing. The big brands create a theme for a t-shirt and then present it. They use the tee as a canvas and paint their stories on it. Currently, brands like Coca Cola, Nike, Puma, Adidas have launched an array of t-shirts where they have used several tag lines and themes to present small-small things. If you too are planning on using it make sure you know what it has to be.

Surely these are huge brands with a lot of money but the idea of the tee is all you want. The more you express on the t-shirt the better traction you get. People now love seeing funny t-shirts with some extraordinary ideas.

  • Talking about a show that’s popular

You must have seen a few t-shirts having written something like “I am the mother of dragons” or “I am Jon Snow” or “I know things because I have seen things.” Something like these have been circulated in the market and manufacturers have taken cues from these. All of the above-given lines are popular dialogues of a popular web series “Game of Thrones.” With people becoming crazy and excited for this show, a manufacturer launched cool graphic t-shirts having such lines or graphics of some series or movie. That might look cool but it sure got a lot of traction.

  • Inspirational quotations

One of the most selling t-shirts in the market includes inspirational quotations. Many brands offer a lot of sweat wiping goodies and printing motivational quotations on them is something great. This has worked for them quite amazingly. In fact, a lot of brands have used the idea of integrating trending hashtags into their tees. And that has worked wonders for them. Not only big brands, you can also do the same. If you have a manufacturing unit, all you need to do is collect all the resources and get them together. You will understand how easy the entire process becomes when creative minds sit together and get ideas.


There are some amazing ideas that are available with PrintShop by Designhill. The above listed are some smashing ideas that have brought a serious revolution in the market of t-shirts. There are some other amazing designs as well that have not been included in the list but when they were introduced in the market, they created a stir in the market. You can always get a list of such ideas online. You can then either search for the same or get it done from

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