Startup Tips: How to Promote Your Products

Now that you’ve launched your startup after expending a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and resources, you want to build up a huge client base. You want customers, signups, users, and followers. However, expanding an audience base requires money for advertising. And as a new business, this is something you may not have a lot of. Fortunately, you’ve got free tools like a video maker online such as

This tool allows you to customize videos, resize images, edit pictures, and make collages for free. They’ve also got tiered packages if you want affordable extra bells and whistles. You don’t need a ton of cash to launch your startup. With a splash of creativity, you can expect amazing results without decimating your wallet. Learn how to promote your products effectively below and count on success for your startup.  

Participate in Trade Shows

Never underestimate this classic, real-life, and offline event. It still provides a lot of traction for business owners. It will help you build a broader audience base as influencers frequently attend these shows, conventions, and conferences. Be a participant so you can promote your products. You can do the following for your booth:

  • Set up video tutorials with a video maker online to show how your products work
  • Bring tons of samples to share with the trade show guests
  • Actively collect information of people who came to your booth and made inquiries
  • Create a calling card and brochure with a collage maker

Create a Referral Program

Referral marketing is one of the best ways to create a huge fan base without spending excessively. This is a tried and tested strategy wherein you leverage your customers to help promote your goods on your behalf. Its concept is very simple: your existing clients refer your product to their family friends, and they get a reward for doing, such as:

  • Discount
  • Small gift 
  • Points 

The exciting rewards motivate them to keep on promoting your brand to more people. It’s very effective because it is akin to a word-of-mouth recommendation, which is seen as a lot more trustworthy than pushy and paid traditional ads.

Start Online Operations With an Exclusive Beta

It’s very common for people to want what they cannot have. So take advantage of this by opening up your new page with exclusive beta access. This will get fans excited to sign up ahead of everyone else. 

Many startups have successfully used this strategy. For instance, Slack, a team communication platform began in 2013. The initial users could access the main page via an invitation. It encourages those who feel very curious to sign up to gain entry. This is a win for you because you can get contact details. 

Give Out Fun Stickers

This strategy is very simple but super effective. Give away free stickers so people can place them wherever they want. This provides free visibility for you. You can use your video maker online to create info videos about your stickers and share them on social media. Moreover, you can also use a collage maker to create fancy stickers. 

When Alexis Ohanian established Reddit, he spent $500 to print stickers and traveled giving them away. He also personally put them in visible places to draw attention and create hype. The key to success is to do the following: 

  • Create solid branding  
  • Use signature colors
  • Stick to a unified theme
  • Put contact details in a discreet spot

Launch a Cool Challenge With a Video Maker Online

A good challenge with corresponding catchy hashtags often sparks people’s competitive streaks. Kick it up a notch by offering a prize to the winner of the challenge. The key to your success is to ascertain that the focal point of the challenge is the product you want to promote. Then figure out what needs your product meets. 

For example, take your cues from Essie’s #exprESSIEyourself where challengers posted photos of themselves with their favorite ESSIE nail polish color. Use your video maker online to create video ads to increase hype and encourage people to join.  

Optimize Forums to Gain Traction

Forum posters usually talk about specific things, so you can determine right away which forums or communities will work for your niche. You can target people who are already interested in your products. Sometimes sharing a link of how-to videos or product explainers made with your video maker online templates work to generate attention. They click on the link and it leads them back to your landing page. 

Moreover, you can also hook them up with exciting offers. Alleviate your audience problems and you will have tons of followers. To do this right, follow these tips:

  • Read the forums
  • Make comments 
  • Share posts
  • Promote your product

Sponsor a Giveaway

Who doesn’t want free stuff? People appreciate freebies so the best way to get your new product in the arms of people is to give them away as gifts. Of course, you must plan this well to generate attention. First, announce your product giveaway on social media. Use a video maker online to make a short clip that quickly explains everything. Create your mechanics, such as:

  • Share a particular post with your product photo on their profile
  • Use your curated hashtag for the giveaway as a part of their post
  • Tag three of their friends to that post

En voila! They have an entry to your giveaway. Ask them to make as many entries as they can to increase their chances of winning. This is an excellent method that expands your audience reach because each new tag is a lead and prospective follower. 

Final Word

This is not an exhaustive list yet, but as you can see, there are many interesting ways to promote your new products without spending tons of money. Let your creative juices flow to create attention and then build a relationship with your potential customers. If you want to build a fan following, it is important to get to know the nature of your target audience so you can curate content that clicks with them. The more you understand them, the more effective your promotional campaigns will be.