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Super People Game Review {Feb 2022}

Super People Game Review {Feb 2022}
  • PublishedFebruary 21, 2022

At Super People Game Review, we break down the Super People Game for Android and iOS to see what makes it a good game. Super People is a casual runner where you control Super Man et al. as they travel through levels, collecting coins and power-ups. The goal of this Super People Game review is to help you decide on if Super People for your mobile device is a worthwhile download or not.

Absolutist Ltd. has released Super People, which has numerous other games in their catalog, from card games to books. For Super People Game, the developers live up to their name with high-quality graphics that work well on all devices. Controls are easy enough once you learn them – buttons for moving left or right, jump (double jump if Super Man or Super Woman), and use power-up.

The Super People Game is a standard runner. You move automatically and collect coins to spend on upgrades and power-ups to make your Super Character better. Coins are hard to come by, but Super People place them around the map in places you might not otherwise notice; behind objects, above where they’re visible, etc. By powering up and finding coins, you can become stronger, faster, and more powerful, giving you an advantage over enemies such as the evil Super Villain or powerful Super Bosses. Power-ups will boost your abilities for a short time before wearing off – Invincibility, Super Speed, Multi-Jump, and Shield being some of the available powers.

There aren’t many Super People to improve the Super People game. It’s a fun enough casual title that is enjoyable for what it is but doesn’t bring anything new to the genre otherwise. The Super People Game review score for Super People would be.

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