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Germany based lengoo 20m seriescoldeweytechcrunch

With an AI translation tool that competes with experts, Lengoo attracts a new $20M round. LengooManages to raise $20 million, AI tool to rival professionals With B-round financing, Lengoo manages to get a huge sum of $20 million, creating a revolutionary innovation that is sure to inspire people worldwide. Redalpine, Creator Ventures, and Techstars angel investors Matthias Hilpert and Michael Schmitt, who were the investors before, have participated in the second round, which shows how the company is working to create an AI tool that is capable of translating and rephrasing content extremely well. Lengoo cannot reshape content in one language, but it can positively impact across 15 languages. Therefore, it has created more impact than the other brands. Cindy Corpis also mentioned that AI...