Thursday, September 21

The 4 Best Music Albums for a Transcendental Experience

The word “transcendental” has been associated with various practices and experiences for a long time now. It can be understood as going beyond the limitations of the physical body and mind. 

Music, just like d9 THC edibles, is one such medium that can catalyze a transcendental experience in anyone listening to it. There are many music albums out there that can take you on an incredible journey, helping you reach a state of nothingness and emptiness, so that you can come back from it with a new perspective on life. Here are some of the best music albums for a transcendental experience:

1. A Perfect Circle — Mer de Noms

The album is an astonishing piece of work, where the band members have experimented with various genres such as heavy metal, psychedelic rock, and even progressive rock. The music is haunting, melancholic, and has a soothing quality to it. Listening to it can help you reach a meditative state, which can be taken further to a transcendental experience. The track “Three Libras” is a great example of how this album can take you to a transcendental state. The track has a slow, calming rhythm, with a distinctively soothing guitar accompaniment. As you listen to it, you can let go of any thoughts that come to your mind, letting them go as they come.

2. Katatonia — Discouraged Ones

Katatonia has gained quite a reputation over the years, owing to its distinct sound, often described as mournful, melancholic, and sorrowful. The music has a profound effect, with the listener being taken to a place of introspection. This album can take you to a transcendental experience, where you can explore thoughts and feelings that lay within you, but perhaps have never been brought out in the open before. The track “Saw You Drown” is one of the most popular songs on the album. It has a slow, mournful rhythm, with soft, melancholic vocals. The track has a hypnotic effect, taking the listener to an introspective state.

3. Tool — Lateralus

The album has a distinct sound, owing to the use of unusual instruments such as tablas, sitars, and mellotrons. The music is a strange mix of heavy metal, alternative rock, and psychedelic rock. Listening to this sound has a very interesting and surreal effect, sometimes leading the listener to a transcendental experience. The track “Parabola” is a great choice for a transcendental experience. The track has a slow, steady rhythm, with an ethereal soundscape. The distinct instruments of sitar and tabla can be heard throughout the track. 

4. Pink Floyd — Dark Side of the Moon

The album was released back in 1973. It has a distinct sound to it, owing to the use of synthesizers and a different kind of recording technique. The album has a calming effect and can be used for meditation. The track “Eclipse” is a great example of this. The track has a slow, relaxing rhythm, with a calming soundscape, created by the use of synthesizers. The track has a soothing quality to it, which can help the listener reach a meditative state.